2016 Festival Beauty

I remember the days when I’d rock up to Sundown (my local below-average music festival) in a pair of denim shorts and minimal makeup because “I didn’t want to look silly”; for some reason I felt that all the glitter-clad festival goers would think I was weird if I joined their clan. Well, I’m here to tell any of you who are like myself to RELAX. Maybe festivals used to be just about cute, hippie, impractical looks, but now, in 2016, the only objective is to have fun. If there’s one time when no-ones going to judge you for dressing like an absolute lunatic, it’s at a festival. Trust me. So, with that in mind, I’m here today to give you a little bit of inspiration for your festival beauty looks this year. I’m talking electric colour, gems and general glitter-central. You’re going to want to keep reading…


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.00.39

Festival eye-makeup has classically been about wearing those shades that you don’t wear on a day to day basis, to create the perfectly bright and blended ‘show-stopper’ look. So, I’ve included a couple of my favourite bright palettes here, one by Makeup Revolution and one by Morphe. The cheaper and more accessible option for those living in the UK, like me, is Makeup Revolution. Despite the incredible pigmentation of these shadows, they are not quite as easy to blend as Morphe because they have a less buttery texture.

Despite just raving on about shadows, I think that 2016 is more of an eyeliner alone year. Who can be bothered to take their enter set of blending brushes to a festival anyway? We’ve seen ‘graphical’ and ‘blocky’ beauty trends a lot over the past few months – so why not purchase something like NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner? More of a metals fan? Nothing quite compares to the longevity of Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liner.

Finally, onto possibly the easiest trend of them all – GLITTER! Wear it under the eyes to disguise the exhaustion of camping or even under the brows like Gigi Hadid did on the catwalk. For a true glittery look, you’ll need more than just your average sparkly eyeshadow. Instead, opt for pure pigment, which many brands, even drugstore ones, have started to stock – like the Barry M Dazzle Dust or DOSE Duo above.


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.06.15

Okay, so, first up is the controversial, colour pop obsession. Long gone is the days when lips were either red or nude. Green? Violet? Can you wear it? Hell yes. Even the drugstore brands have caught on – you can get a tangerine lippy for £1 from Make-up Revolution! Fancy going the extra mile? Turn to Coloured Raine, Gerard Cosmetics or MAC’s Blue Nectar Collection for the seriously fearless shades.

Next, with no doubt Kylie Jenner’s work, is the metallic lip. She’s even dedicated a whole selection of her Kylie Jenner Lip Kits to metallics alone. Because, well, it’s just a gorgeous way to subtly play up the lips. If, like myself, Kylie’s Lip Kits are pretty difficult to get your hands on, some great alternatives are: NYX, Topshop or MUA.

Hair, Face and Body

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.09.34

Let’s talk hair. Flower crowns – they’re old news. This year it’s all about head jewellery, hair rings and you guessed it… tonnes of glitter. Gel or spray, it’s up to you, and don’t forget that glitter roots is the in thing. Take a look at Superdrug‘s own range or shop Graftobian all-purpose glitter gel at Beauty Bay.

Next on the list is your must-have face products. Liquid and cream cosmetics are your best friends at a festival for easy, quick application. That’s why I’ve picked out High Beam, Benefit‘s cult highlighter, and Halo Illuminiser in Golden Tan from H & M’s beauty line (which is very impressive, by the way). Oh, of course, you can’t forget a setting spray at events like these; my friends swear by Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray.

And finally, beauty for the whole body… Temporary tattoos have evolved from being Bart Simpson ones for 5 year olds and sparkly faces are taken to the next level with stick on gems. Make sure that the minute people see your face, they know you’re up for a party. Add to any sparkle by dusting MAC’s glitter pot over the décolletage for a full-body shimmer and don’t forget the nails! Make life easy by opting for pre-painted stick on nails, you won’t want to waste valuable festival time stuck in a tent waiting for your nails to dry.

In the mood for dancing the night away yet? I hope so. I’d love to hear some of your must-have festival products or even your favourite festival look – let me know in the comments below!

Emilia x



Spring ’16: The High-street Edit

Although it still feels a little nippy at times here in Britain, we are beginning to see the very first glimpses of warmer weather. By that I mean: the other day I was actually able to go out WITHOUT a scarf on… (If you live in the UK you’ll understand it’s a very rare occasion.) Being British, sun and warmth is a treat to us; we jump at the opportunity to wear some shorts or even a t-shirt. And, oh boy, do the shops know that… All it took was a sunshine-filled weekend and BAM every high-street store has their spring pieces in the window! Just like you guys, I’m super excited to shop the collections – but, instead of throwing yourself at the nearest tea-dress you see – I’m here to give you a little bit of guidance… Take a look at my picks below!



Focussed 0n the romanticised vintage trends of SS16 catwalks, these pieces will ensure that you are truly the best-dressed guest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 23.09.01

Spring Days

For the lighter nights and outdoorsy days; release your inner bohemia with the following…

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 23.09.13

City Sun

Comfort crosses with style this spring for busy days – give your outfit a fashionable twist with these must-have items…

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 23.09.25

What are your favourite spring pieces? Any collections you are particularly loving at the minute? Let me know in the comments!

Love Emilia x

February It List

Ahh, February, that delightful month where absolutely nothing ever seems to happen. Except from rain and the occasional spot of sleet, that is. Everyone’s tired from the few weeks back at work or school, everyones fed up of following their New Years resolutions,  and there’s generally not much happiness brewing around. Do not fear, however, because I am about to tell you all the things that you should be doing this month (instead of miserably staring out of the window). February wil no longer be the month of nothingness. Mark my words.


Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Eyeshadow PaletteToo-Faced-Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly-Palette-Review-2

What could possibly be more exciting that a new Too Faced palette release?! The queens of eyeshadows have treated us to an exciting mix of colour pop and neutrals all in one place and we couldn’t be more grateful. This little beauty is due to be welcomed into the world on the 28th of February in the UK and luckily enough, I’ll be in London all ready to get a glance. Chocolate Bar? Or even Choco-Bonbons? Pfft.. That’s so last year – you’re going to want to get your hands on the latest edition ladies, trust me.


Accentuating the waist

Every little detail in fashion at the minute seems to be heading towards this; using old-style tricks to create the illusion of a thinner waist. Move over ‘over-sized’, no more hiding away – we’re about to show it all off! Wrap coats, high-waisted culottes, belted pinafores, midi-skirts – they’re all in on it. It’s time to create some curves, girls, and below are some suggestions as to how to get started…

The New Pancake

As everyone should be well aware of (if you’re not you’re slightly crazy), next Tuesday is the beloved Pancake Day. I.e. it is law that you eat pancakes all day. (Okay, not quite.) Anyway, this year it’s all about changing it up; try something new, the whole lemon and sugar thing is a getting a little ancient. Chocolate orange, Pear and Maple Syrup, arrot Cake, the list goes on. Find all the best and most invent recipes for this year in the following links!

Red VelvetCarrot CakeLemon and BlueberryGinger BreadBirthdayPeanut Butter CupPear & Whiskey Maple Syrup.


This season some accessories seem to be growing, whilst others seem to be shrinking; it’s an odd notion. Last month I spoke about big earrings, they’re totally coming back in. Don’t be afraid to let your ears take centre stage! But, on the other hand, bags are one of the ‘shrinkers’. Mini-backpacks, mini-satchels, mini-duffels, they’re everywhere! Long gone are the days of the Mary-Poppins-style shopper, from now on there’s only space for your phone, a cardholder and, of course, a lippy. Unsure on how you could channel this trend? Just take a peek at the ideas below..

Love Me Beauty boxes

Upon receiving this month’s Elle magazine, as I opened the pages, as always, a multitude of leaflets fell out. Usually they’re the same sort of promotional thing, as Elle tend to keep the same partners, but this month, a new slip of card fell out! This was advertising yet another ‘beauty box’ brand on the market called ‘Love Me Beauty’ and, what’s better, you can get your first month for just £1 with Elle! £45 worth of beauty products for £1, you’d be insane not to buy one. Of course I’ve already gone ahead and ordered one, woopsy… Expect a review coming soon!

Oxford Circus Topshop Store

Despite having been to London countless times in recent years, for some reason, I’d managed to never ever set foot in the flagship Topshop store! It’s almost an offence. So, this month, for the first time ever, I paid this shop a visit (a 2-hour long visit, as it happens), when I went to London with three close friends. And, oh my, it was amazing. A nail bar, a hair salon, a smoothie bar, a fro-yo bar, Brandy Melville and many beauty brands from abroad too – all in one store! It is truly shopping heaven – if you haven’t been you should put it straight on your to-do list for 2016.

Cocoon Coats

Here in the UK, it usually isn’t worth ditching our coats until at least mid-April, so with the new season stuff in store, there’s a real urge to invest in another new piece ‘just for spring’. If your shopping habits are along the same lines as mine, then you’ve probably already bought yet another coat, but if you’re still deliberating, listen up! The cocoon coat, as it’s so aptly named, will literally cocoon your body, wrapping you up and giving the oversized look that we’re still addicted to in outerwear styles. What’s more? There’s loads of lovely versions of these left over from the Christmas sales! Snatch them up whilst you can.

Spring Cleaningil_fullxfull.636776034_9i5s

Alright, maybe it isn’t the most thrilling thing to do, but on one of the classically drizzly days, I promise you this is one of the best things you can do – you’ll be happy with the results. Whether this means clearing out your wardrobe, make-up collection, skincare, rearranging your bedroom or just giving your make-up brushes a good old clean, it’s refreshing to do something like this once in a while. Now that you’ve cleared out, you could do a car boot, sell on eBay or Depop or even take your stuff to the local charity shop. After all, getting rid of old things can only mean one thing, right? More space for new things!

Spring 2016 Fashion Forecast

Yep, it’s that time again; that lovely, supposedly bright and fresh season when baby animals are born, flowers regrow and we ourselves are rejuvenated. Supposedly. In reality, it’s usually incredibly rainy, we are tired of eating salads and trying to go to the gym and spring becomes a bit of a “nothing” season. Well, let me tell you now; not this year ladies!

Spring 2016 may not bring you the promised change in weather, but it sure will bring you the promised change in all things fashion. With a few slightly altered trends transitioning from winter to spring and some TOTALLY new, it’s due to be a full-on start to the year! Below, I’m going to take you through all matter of these, explaining them and recommending how you can make them ‘wearable’… Have fun and, most importantly, get inspired!



Slogan Tees/Sweatshirts

First of all, let’s start with a brand spanking new trend; of course the idea has been around for many years, but this particular style sort of just jumped into fashion as soon as it heard the word ‘spring’. In line with the sporty movement of 2016, this sort of thing is for the fun-loving, laid-back amongst you all. Slogan tops look great with simple denim counterparts for a boyish feel. Uniquely created and full of character, these are easily found in vintage stores in just about anywhere. Or, if you’re more of a highstreet girl, Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters have this trend down to a TEE right now (geddit?!).


Blush tones

Fair, mauvey, pale pink tones are striking up everywhere right now, complementing the efflorescent , delicate textures of formal wear right now. Looks stunning on just about every skin tone and adds a hint of colour to any sophisticated grey/black toned outfit – what more could you want? Think re-worked pastels and you’ve got it spot on.

BIG earrings

Prepare for earrings to be made redundant as accessories and take the front seat in the queue. Not something to be barely seen; something to make a statement with – something for the experimental girl, the brave and confident one. Inspiration has come from the glamorous girls of the upper classes and tribal culture and places like Topshop and Accessorize are making this a simple fashion to follow!


Choppy, wild, ’60s hair

If you’ve not gathered yet; I’m a huge fan of the ’60s style coming into play at the moment; I love the idea of a doe-eyed, natural, Bond-worthy woman. It’s the definition of sexy in my eyes. Think Brigette Bardot voluminous waves and wispy fringes. This one’s for the seriously fashion-following youth; if you’re going to take a hair risk this season make sure it’s getting this style.

T-bars and straps

Another trend that has slowly creeped in, so much so that we’ve hardly noticed! But look everywhere, catwalk and highstreet and you’ll see straps of sorts all over the footwear. I suppose it’s in sync with the retro-loving sensation of fashion right now. Just browse the Doc Marten’s or Kurt Geiger site and you’re bound to find the pair for you; I’m lusting after the Doc’s Polley Shoe at the moment!

Croc Leather

As my mother says, a woman can NEVER have enough handbags or shoes. I firmly believe that bags and shoes are what make an outfit. Croc leather is a certainly a trend that comes and goes, but invest in a quality piece and it will see you through these fluctuations!  If you’re looking for a new outfit companion, take a look at Topshop and Zara, or even Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood, if you’re a lady of luxury.

Seductively sheer

One of my favourite micro trends of SS16 – dainty yet sexy; all slip dresses and sheer blouses. Well mixed with the lingerie-blending-into-clothing movement. As the days get slightly warmer, expect these lace-detailed, loose-shape pieces to be lining the shelves – relaxed figures are no longer something for simply hiding your body. But, while it’s still a little on the chilly side, don’t be afraid to pull on a turtleneck under that slip dress for ultimate fashion style.


Sweatpants, joggers, whatever you call them; the classic lazy Sunday trousers. Not any more. Sweatpants, in keeping with the loose shapes trend have become something to wear out. Sport some luxe, light, hareem style sweatpants for a new take on the day-trouser. Kylie’s doing it, Rihanna’s doing it, Zendaya’s doing it – so why aren’t you?!

Trim detailing

This began in autumn last year when fashion began looking for a way to customise minimalistic pieces and BOY has it taken off. That plain white tee? Oh it now has a blue piping trim, darling. On just about any item of clothing, be it dresses, shirts, trousers – trims everywhere, to provide a little contrast; inject a little style. An easy trend for anyone to try.

Bomber Jackets

Obviously, bomber jackets have been around for a little while, but with recent gravitation towards boyish shapes and sporty looks, they fit right in with the fashion of the season. Every store on the high street is shouting about them and I doubt you’ll make it through 2016 without investing in one of these timeless all-weather pieces. Suede, zip-detailed, silk… Whatever your style, there’s bound to be a bomber jacket for you.

Oriental Prints

As we’re moving away from the darker days, here in the UK, I’m starting to notice the classic floral print moving in. Last year it was all about blown-up block colour florals and dark, gothic prints. This year, we’re going oriental. Intricacy in print and gentle tones; but still something you can make a statement with. Looks wonderful on trousers or shift dresses!


Trench Coats

As, I mentioned recently, I love the shape of wrap coats; they give anyone a curvy figure, no matter how much curve you really have and are just so classy. Trench coats are spring’s slightly lighter sister to the thick, felt, winter wrap coats we’ve been loving. They still give the desired womanly figure, but are a little more on the military side, which is oh-so-2016. Look to just about any high street or luxury brand and their bound to have their own version of this classic coat. My favourites are Hobbs‘ and La Redoute‘s!

My Winter Looks

These two looks are all about texture – it’s currently playing a large role in the world of fashion; leather trousers, vinyl coats, suede t-shirts – we’re seeing the lot. So, I’m going to show you my take on the current trends…

Suede and Zips

Winter Fashion Suede Fur CoatWinter Fashion Suede Fur CoatWinter Fashion Suede Fur Coat

As seen above: Jumper – Marks and Spencer, Gilet – DKNY, Jeans – Miss Selfridge, Boots – Dune, Earrings – Accessorize, Ring – Pandora.

Suede and fur in one – amazing! This DKNY gilet/waistcoat/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is something that I recently picked up from Bicester Village (an amazing place with one shop even selling discount MAC!), explaining why I could actually afford it ha. Suede is everywhere this season and what better way to wear it than a not very practical, but totally luxe and glam jacket! Also, ripped jeans are so very ‘in’ at the moment, I’d be surprised if you don’t own a pair! Never mind if adults make stupid jokes about you falling over in them (they need to look-up fashion!) – ripped jeans will elongate your legs and make you a true fashionista. Finally, the zip-detailing and turtleneck of my jumper are both little nods to AW 15 shows. Turtlenecks are literally in every high street store right now and that’s because they suit EVERYONE; men and women, young and old. Zip-detailing can be tricky – you don’t want it to look tacky, hence I went for only a couple of zips, but, watch out, zips are replacing buttons fast at the minute!

Corduroy Blues

Winter Fashion Wool CoatWinter Fashion Wool Coat Winter Fashion Corduroy DressWinter Fashion Corduroy DressWinter Fashion Corduroy Dress


As seen above: Earrings, Ring and Boots as before, Jumper – Marks and Spencer, Dress – Topshop, Coat – Next.

See, what was I saying about zips?! They’re all over the shop in AW 15 – this one even adds a hint of geometrics, another major trend in accessories. Another polo neck – they’re my winter go-to, the need for a scarf disappears! Corduroy, however, is the focus of this outfit –  very ’90s. I remember having a pair of pink corduroy trousers as a kid, when the influence of the ’90s hadn’t quite seeped out of the Noughties yet! However, most of all, I love the shape of this dress. It fits my rather curvy figure very well, but I think it would also give more rectangle-shaped girls an amazing illusion of curves, with it’s buckle-belt. Last, but definitely not least, the coat – oh how I adore coats. Each season, I have to have a new coat/jacket; it’s verging on an obsession and it’s even spread to my boyfriend! This coat is wool and polyester and boxy shaped, which is better for slender girls really, but I just loved the blue colour too much… Whoops.


What’s your take on the winter trends? Are you loving or loathing them? Let me know below in the comments!

Emilia x

October It List

It’s THAT time of the month again where I babble on about everything I’m obsessed with this month, YAY! (I bet you’re all thrilled, ha.) Have fun, take some inspiration, the usual and tell me if it gets too boring…

Geometrical jewellery/accessories

Recently in the jewellery market, we’ve been seeing new shapes and new ways to wear things popping up all over the place – one of my favourite stockists being Asos. Minimalistic yet different and so easy to wear. I’m liking everyday studs or Prada-campaign-style hairdos clipped in with a statement hair grip, like the one above. Try it out.

Left to right: Urban Outfitters Pearl and Triangle Front-to-back Earrings £7, Urban Outfitters Clean Hexagon Hair Clip £6.


Okay, this might be fashionable, but HAVE YOU STROKED SUEDE? It’s so soft and cosy, and I’m a sucker for both of those things. Honestly, I’d live in my fleecy Minnie Mouse pyjamas for my whole life if it was socially acceptable. Anyways, there’s also SO many ways you can wear this trend – just look above; bags, jackets, skirts. Go out there and get some of this stuff! (Zara have some particularly gorgeous items.)

Left to right: ASOS A-line Skirt in Suede With Zip Through Detail £30, Tan Suedette Shearling Lined Biker Jacket from New Look £44.99, Zara Fringed Suede Tote Bag £79.99.

My Little Box


The reason I’ve discovered this little ‘monthly box’ company is thanks to the god’s of everything AKA Asos. These ‘monthly boxes’ are becoming increasingly popular with Glossybox and Lookfantastic boxes, to name a few. It’s like a little monthly gift to yourself; love it. This particular company specialises in delightful boxes filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises each month, such as those shown above and with an incredibly sophisticated French aura and a new ‘theme’ every month, it’s got me wanting one. £11 a month is a tad expensive for me, personally, but if I had a little job I’d love to treat myself to this. Check out the site at https://www.mylittlebox.co.uk/home

Rimmel Dare to go bare! New Nude collection

There is NOTHING better than a good nude lipstick, FACT. Some people are like “what’s the point your lips are ‘nude’ anyway” BUT OH YOU ARE SO WRONG!!! Think; we enhance our natural skin tone with foundation, it’s the same concept, only for your lips. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to see that Rimmel, the best high-street make-up brand in my opinion, have brought out a new collection of nude toned lipsticks. (Thanks to http://popcornandpearls.net for the excellent picture showcasing the true colours of this collection.) I’ve tried the L’Oreal collection previously, but they’re just too drying for me –  but now there’s a new collection I absolutely have to get my hands on one of these. And at only £5.49 – who wouldn’t?! P.S. Boots are doing a promotion at the moment ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ on selected Rimmel products – get it here.

Capes and Oversized Scarfs

Autumn, in realistic British terms means it could be 30 degrees or -30 degrees, there’s no telling what the weather will be like. So, what do you wear? It’s too hot for your full-on padded winter coats but too cold for just a cardigan or jumper. The answer? A cape. I am a slight cape-obsessive, admittedly, but they’re just so versatile, flattering and sophisticated. Going for a dog walk? Cape. Going out for the night? Cape. Appropriate for any occasion and like a wearable blanket, I love these things. Why not try some of this seasons capes in autumnal palettes like rust and mauve like the styles above?

Left to right: Orange Check Wrap from New Look £19.99, ASOS Knitted Cape In Multi-Block £30.

The Wombats

A couple of Sundays ago, I went to the Wombat’s gig at The LCR in Norwich with a bunch of wonderful people –  front row, OF COURSE, it was absolutely amazing. The Wombats are one of those bands who you cannot help but dance to, they create songs that can get you awake and smiling in an instant. Check out their stuff on http://www.thewombats.co.uk

Record Players

Okay, record players have been creeping back into fashion for the past year or so now, but it makes me so happy to be able to talk about it here! In the autumnal days, I tend to spend much more time indoors due to our typically crap British weather and, me being me, I cannot cope with silence. Almost like an adorable ornament and a bewildering music player in one, a record player would be perfect for playing some tunes on. Due to increasing demand, records and record players have become more widely available and cheaper, with the cheapest player at around £40 – rather affordable for a piece of tech. If you haven’t already joined the record player crew, I would bet money on it that you will have by this time next year! Watch this space.

Left to right: GPO Style Retro Style Vinyl Record Player from Not On The Highstreet £40, Crosley Mint Cruiser UK Record Player £100.