Summer Travels

Not to use it as an excuse for my infrequent blogging schedule, but this summer I have been travelling quite a bit, as some of you may know. I thought that I’d compile the photographs from the two trips I’ve been on and share them with you right here on the blog – you never know, you may even catch the travel bug too!

Mirabel, Midi-Pyrenees, France

A one week get-away with my closest friends – filled with lakes, food markets and many, many card games.

Give the crew a follow via the links below if you want to find out more about our adventures…

Alex, Evie, Grace, Ethan

Budapest, Hungary

Just two nights away in the most beautiful city, sight-seeing and exploring ruin bars.

Where have you been off to this summer? Or where are you going? Recommendations would be wonderful!

Emilia x


November It List

First of all, apologies guys – usually, the month’s “It List” comes out on the first of the month and well, somehow it’s reached the 11th and I’ve simply not had time to even think about it! With mocks, French Speaking Exams and job interviews, my lives been a little hectic recently and I’ve not been able to blog as much as I’d like. However, ta-dah, here we are, November’s it-list has arrived (albeit 10 days late)!

Statement Ankle Boots

For anyone who knows me well, they will know that I tend to wear my faithful Dune black leather ankle boots pretty much every time I see them. I do love my Timberlands, but the Dune boots are just so durable and go with EVERYTHING! However, lately, I’ve been falling in love with the idea of shoes taking centre stage in an outfit… Take a look at the GORGEOUS pairs below!


Topshop Mary Leopard Print Ankle Boots (£75)

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 17.53.10

Carvela Kurt Geiger Sherbert Tan High Heel Ankle Boots (£160)

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 17.56.13

Bimba Y Lola Square Toe Glitter Ankle Boots (£215)

Hourglass Cosmetics


I have heard endless compliments about this brand from all over the internet, so I decided to do a little investigation of my own…Although expensive (unless you buy the travel-sized products like I probably would), the make-up appears to be of such high quality and it looks BEAUTIFUL before it’s even on your face! Hourglass Cosmetics pride themselves in producing “luxury performance makeup” and it looks to me like you sure get that! Take a look at this video for example… I love the look of the Ambient Lighting Powders.

The Sweet Reason Company

I’ve only just discovered this company thanks to my good friend Evie getting me the most adorable set of brownies and teas as part of my birthday gifts, but BOY do I love it. You can get monthly subscriptions, gluten free treats, personalised gift – they can even cater for your wedding! Such a thoughtful and tasty idea! So, next time you’re stuck on what to buy for someone – rush to The Sweet Reason for some help.

Ski Holidays

I’ve only been skiing once, but it was probably one of the best holidays I’ve even been on. Exhilarating views and the fun of accomplishing a run, I can’t think of a sport any more enjoyable. Also, in recent years, more and more ‘trendy’ chalets and ski hotels have popped up, instead of the traditional wooden cabins (although they’re nice too) – look at these!

Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina, Switzerland

Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado, Aspen

Hotel Goldener Berg, Ober Lech, Austria

Le Chardon in Val d’Isère, France

Leather Leggings

For any girl with ‘thunder thighs’ like myself, leather trousers immediately sound like a disaster. They’re for Sandy, not for us! But, recently I came across some leather leggings in Biba (£49.00) – they are super stretch and aren’t leather all over, making it possible for girls like me to actually wear them. As I’m sure I’ve said loads of times, I love texture in fashion, so these are right up my street. Jeans no more, leather, velvet or whatever else floats your boat, here we come!

MAC Enchanted Eve Collection


Seriously, if I had a job, I think all of it would be spent on buying things from the MAC limited edition collections. The Cinderella collection, the Guo Pei collection… I’d have them all; but unfortunately, my bank balance does not allow for that kind of frivolous behaviour. Anyway, this is the new collection on the block and after longingly stroking it in my local MAC store about an hour ago, I’ve decided that it’s one of my favourites so far. The packaging is gorgeous, as per with flashes of blue and purple; there’s lip kits, eye kits, brush kits, all of which would make great Christmas presents for the make-up addict in your life.

Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It (H)air Styler (60ml £12.00)


I think this product was actually MADE for me. You see, I normally decide to shower at night because I’m too happily ‘burrito-ed’ in my duvet in the morning to even contemplate showering – but I can never be bothered to dry my hair. It takes me about 20 minutes because I have so much of it! Even french-plaiting it overnight leaves me with damp hair until around 3pm the following day… But, lo-and-behold, my favourite haircare company out there, Bumble and Bumble have created yet another wonder product – a cream which makes your hair look decent even when it’s just air-dried!

Oversized Wrap Coats

I’ll admit, the new Bond film, which I saw last Sunday, inspired me for this pick. Léa Seydoux pulls off this look effortlessly; tiny little elegant dress, wraparound coat and over-the-knee boots, it’s the ultimate sexy Bond-girl outfit. For a less Bond, more everyday look, you could pair a wrap coat with a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots. The thing that I love most about these coats is that, if you’ve got a curvy figure, they accentuate your curves and if you’ve not got a curvy figure, they MAKE curves!

Left to right: Veronica Camel Oversized Waterfall Belt Coat from Pretty Little Thing (£25), Seydoux rocking the wrap coat and over-the-knee boots look, Topshop Cashmere Blend Wrap Coat by Boutique (£225).

What’s on your radar this November?

Emilia x

Norwich Cafes

This week marks a lot of important historical events in my country; Guy Fawkes ‘Bonfire’ Night to name one – but this week is also know as “Gingerbread Latte” week in my mind because the Starbucks Christmas drinks menu is officially available! Which is of course way more important that anything else. However, I have realised that there is a phenomenon which happens to many of us, which I like to call ‘Starbucks-itus’; we get bored. There’s only so many gingerbread lattes you can down, only so many turkey and stuffing paninis you can stomach (although, admittedly I could probably eat 5 in one sitting) before it starts to get a little tiring. So, today, I’ve designed a post specifically for my local readers of alternative, but equally fab coffee shops to visit in the city of Norwich. Feel free to take a look even if you aren’t local to the area; I’d love to know what cute coffee shops there are in your area!


Strangers are renowned for their picture-perfect setting and gorgeous coffees around Norwich. Many of my friends swear by it! Here is a little picture of what I had when I popped in for a coffee and cake with my good friend Alex a few weeks ago. As you can see, the design is very alternative, but also refreshing and very calming – in the centre of the ‘pretty streets’ of Norwich, as I like to call them. Offering all types of hot drinks and delicious hand-made cakes – why not give it a try?

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 16.01.45

Admittedly, I had not heard of this little place before I started to do some research for this blogpost! Artel – such a snappy and individual name and, by the looks of it, the place itself looks rather funky too! Offering an edgy take on classics and Instagram worthy surroundings, as well as adorable little gifts and trinkets for sale – I’m loving the sound of Artel! This is definitely somewhere I will be trying out in the wintery weeks to come!


Out of all of these wonderful little shops, The Waffle House is probably the one I’ve known for longest. Why? Because the waffle-focused menu and extraordinary flavour combinations can’t help but be the talk of the city! Who would of thought I’d like a garlic and rosemary waffle? Not me! Here there is something for everyone and it’s surprisingly affordable; hence why my friends and I regularly visit.


I have many friends who love this little cafe –  it prides itself in offering a wide range of gluten-free cakes with no compromise on flavour and texture. Ingredients are fresh and local and the atmosphere is ever so friendly – it’s a no brainer!


The Playhouse, famously home to Norwich’s slightly smaller theatre, but also a great place to kick back, relax and have a coffee. For the colder winter days, there is a cosy indoor area, which you can see above, which breathes eclectic vibes. Also, their website is beautiful (this is very important to bloggers!) and with free-wifi it’s the perfect place to do some work or do just about anything.

12200417_486222074899999_1719235569_n 12212543_486222054900001_598607806_n

Well, this little place is rather new to Norwich, as myself and a couple of friends spotted it a few months back when we spontaneously decided to go for lunch. Above, you can see my, unfortunately rather crap, picture of the roof lights and modern, but cosy feel to the place, as well as a picture taken by Alex of myself and Evie in the area. Furthermore, they offer about every type of tea and coffee possible; last time I ordered a jasmine tea and fell in love! It’s a must try for you cafe-lovers of Norwich, like myself, and this new-kid-on-the-block is proving to be just as great as some of the oldies!

What are the best coffee shops in your area? Have you had your first Gingerbread Latte of the winter yet?

Emilia x

Travel Bucketlist

Throughout my life, I have been extremely lucky to have travelled to various locations around the world, but the downside is that travelling is a bit like eating custard creams in the fact that, once you start, you never want to stop. At least I don’t anyway. My urge to travel is one of the main reasons why I aspire to not only have a job that interests me, but also a job that pays a decent salary. Because, lets face it, you need rather a lot of money to travel to some places. We’ve been given this opportunity of life, so why not see as much as you can while your here, hey? Me being the list-crazy person that I am, I’ve decided to share with you lot my own bucket list of places I would absolutely LOVE to visit… Take a peek.


803240-florence-wallpaper florence-corbis_1809918b

After my Mum and Dad so SELFISHLY went away for a long weekend to Florence without me (I’m joking, they deserved a break), I would love to follow in their footsteps and visit myself. It appeared so beautiful in both architecture and atmosphere, very photogenic; my kind of place. And with having recently discovered that my boyfriend actually has family there himself – maybe this dream could become reality sooner than I’d imagined!


article-2513746-19A7370E00000578-781_634x418 Baths-in-Budapest-panoramic

Inspired by my favourite film, The Grand Budapest Hotel (you must watch it, it’s hilariously odd) – this is right at the top of my ‘have-to-visit’ list. What attracts me most to this city is it’s stunning buildings, once more, but especially the feel of the city in winter time. Also, the infamous baths of Budapest appear a whole lot more bath-like less pool-like in winter time. As well as that, who could resist visiting the adorable Christmas Markets or going for a little ski (by far the most fun sport EVER). Someone take me. Now.


Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland


Although renowned for it’s naughtier side, I would love to visit for the history and scenic nature of this European city. Yet more culture and city to explore, it’s an experience I just need to have. In addition to this, it is crazily cheap to fly to Amsterdam (as cheap at £30 sometimes), so this would be perfect for a little break with the pals.

The Maldives

Photos-and-Videos-Banner ayada_cnt_25aug11_pr

Who could resist the notoriously perfect beaches of the Maldives. My grandparents have visited this cluster of tiny islands and believe me when I say, they didn’t shut up about it for months afterwards. With rich sea-life, gloriously white sands and almost see-through ocean waters, this is such a luxury destination, but I would love to visit at some point in my life. Maybe staying in one of the sea-huts on stilts?



View from the Niblet

Another location perfect for skiing; as much as I love a sunny holiday, winter wonderlands are just as magical. One of my friends visited last Christmas and the skiing experience looked like no other. Furthermore, there are some STUNNING views to be seen in Canada; lakes, mountains, forests and valleys. The perfect place for a photographer, shall we say?

Alila Uluwatu, Bali

148738_120704155918556 jimbaran-alila-villas-uluwatu-301056_1000_560

A specifically eco-friendly resort with an extremely modern feel, there’s no question why this one’s on the bucketlist. Everyday, witness the gorgeous sunsets and indulge in an infinity pool… Secluded, yet cosy, this would be a great getaway for a couple or someone simply after relaxation.

Arkoi and Marathi, Greece


Typical, traditional Greek islands with picture-perfect ports, both colourful and cute, it’s a lovely place for a closer-to-home holiday to top up your tan. The waters here are surprisingly turquoise and vibrant for a European destination, it really brings the classically Greek and simple-lifestyle feel to the table. An ideal family destination.

Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Italy

46e8093e2c8811a0012c920e338400de 880008_126_z

You’re probably getting the message by now that I love the idea of little ‘hidden-in-the-hills’ villages on teeny islands – a proper getaway. Well, this is another one of those. Sorry if you’re not feeling it. With fuchsia, climbing flowers round every corner and candlelit dinners; this is the best place for romance. Italian in every way and white buildings everywhere gives the real holiday feel.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Emilia x

A Little Trip To Cambridge

Right at the end of the summer, myself and three fabulous friends all decided to go to Cambridge for the day to do a little bit of shopping somewhere a little different to our hometown. Obviously, this involved catching a train with NO ADULTS, which for most of us was a very new prospect and made us feel all sophisticated and grown-up. Silly really, but you have to start somewhere, I guess. Soon we’ll be upgrading to airplanes and jetting off around the globe… (Probably not because we’re 15 and I currently have £1.50 to my name.) Anyway we had a great day out despite the typically dismal British weather; Alex was treated like a celebrity by two Spanish ladies who took a fancy to him as he played the piano in The Grand Arcade mall, Evie fan-girled over olives from the market, Anna fell asleep on me on the train home and I managed to find the cutest Italian restaurant (Strada) where we had a 3-course meal (ooooh how POSH!). It’s true, there really is nothing better than a day with your closest friends.

Credit to Alex Lawlor for the photography; he should be starting a little portfolio very soon, so I’ll keep you updated!

11991122_490278221152955_11006088_o 11874821_490278377819606_997938967_o 11982617_490278107819633_88906711_o 11989201_490278264486284_799428741_o 11960361_490278224486288_1308132729_o 11986220_490278154486295_1750178156_o 11986047_490278104486300_1344657282_o11975529_490278457819598_1890426712_o