2016 Festival Beauty

I remember the days when I’d rock up to Sundown (my local below-average music festival) in a pair of denim shorts and minimal makeup because “I didn’t want to look silly”; for some reason I felt that all the glitter-clad festival goers would think I was weird if I joined their clan. Well, I’m here to tell any of you who are like myself to RELAX. Maybe festivals used to be just about cute, hippie, impractical looks, but now, in 2016, the only objective is to have fun. If there’s one time when no-ones going to judge you for dressing like an absolute lunatic, it’s at a festival. Trust me. So, with that in mind, I’m here today to give you a little bit of inspiration for your festival beauty looks this year. I’m talking electric colour, gems and general glitter-central. You’re going to want to keep reading…


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.00.39

Festival eye-makeup has classically been about wearing those shades that you don’t wear on a day to day basis, to create the perfectly bright and blended ‘show-stopper’ look. So, I’ve included a couple of my favourite bright palettes here, one by Makeup Revolution and one by Morphe. The cheaper and more accessible option for those living in the UK, like me, is Makeup Revolution. Despite the incredible pigmentation of these shadows, they are not quite as easy to blend as Morphe because they have a less buttery texture.

Despite just raving on about shadows, I think that 2016 is more of an eyeliner alone year. Who can be bothered to take their enter set of blending brushes to a festival anyway? We’ve seen ‘graphical’ and ‘blocky’ beauty trends a lot over the past few months – so why not purchase something like NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner? More of a metals fan? Nothing quite compares to the longevity of Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liner.

Finally, onto possibly the easiest trend of them all – GLITTER! Wear it under the eyes to disguise the exhaustion of camping or even under the brows like Gigi Hadid did on the catwalk. For a true glittery look, you’ll need more than just your average sparkly eyeshadow. Instead, opt for pure pigment, which many brands, even drugstore ones, have started to stock – like the Barry M Dazzle Dust or DOSE Duo above.


Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.06.15

Okay, so, first up is the controversial, colour pop obsession. Long gone is the days when lips were either red or nude. Green? Violet? Can you wear it? Hell yes. Even the drugstore brands have caught on – you can get a tangerine lippy for £1 from Make-up Revolution! Fancy going the extra mile? Turn to Coloured Raine, Gerard Cosmetics or MAC’s Blue Nectar Collection for the seriously fearless shades.

Next, with no doubt Kylie Jenner’s work, is the metallic lip. She’s even dedicated a whole selection of her Kylie Jenner Lip Kits to metallics alone. Because, well, it’s just a gorgeous way to subtly play up the lips. If, like myself, Kylie’s Lip Kits are pretty difficult to get your hands on, some great alternatives are: NYX, Topshop or MUA.

Hair, Face and Body

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 18.09.34

Let’s talk hair. Flower crowns – they’re old news. This year it’s all about head jewellery, hair rings and you guessed it… tonnes of glitter. Gel or spray, it’s up to you, and don’t forget that glitter roots is the in thing. Take a look at Superdrug‘s own range or shop Graftobian all-purpose glitter gel at Beauty Bay.

Next on the list is your must-have face products. Liquid and cream cosmetics are your best friends at a festival for easy, quick application. That’s why I’ve picked out High Beam, Benefit‘s cult highlighter, and Halo Illuminiser in Golden Tan from H & M’s beauty line (which is very impressive, by the way). Oh, of course, you can’t forget a setting spray at events like these; my friends swear by Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray.

And finally, beauty for the whole body… Temporary tattoos have evolved from being Bart Simpson ones for 5 year olds and sparkly faces are taken to the next level with stick on gems. Make sure that the minute people see your face, they know you’re up for a party. Add to any sparkle by dusting MAC’s glitter pot over the décolletage for a full-body shimmer and don’t forget the nails! Make life easy by opting for pre-painted stick on nails, you won’t want to waste valuable festival time stuck in a tent waiting for your nails to dry.

In the mood for dancing the night away yet? I hope so. I’d love to hear some of your must-have festival products or even your favourite festival look – let me know in the comments below!

Emilia x



My Top 10 Hair Products

As many of you may know, hair isn’t exactly my forte – if I was on a hair and beauty course I’d be totally screwed for half of it, to put it bluntly. I usually just leave my hair to kink naturally in a messy bun or french plait it (luckily TONI&GUY’s artistic director, Philipp Haug says this is all the rage this summer) and never really give it too much attention. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should give it some attention and that actually, I have quite a bit to say about hair products!

I suffer from a super-sensitive scalp, similar to the way I struggle with sensitive skin. This means I have to be extreeemely careful about what I put on my head, because if I’m honest, I’m not really a great fan of my scalp flaking off everywhere! My scalp has this thing where it sort of gets ‘bored’ of a hair product after anything from 2 days to 6 weeks and so it decides to scab up and flake off in a kind of protest. Gross. I know. For this reason, I try to change up my shampoos etc. regularly, but this can be very expensive and I always run the risk of immediately reacting to a product. Apart from this rather difficult issue, I don’t really have many more… My roots are a little oilier than they used to be, to could be a bit longer and I guess I’d like a little more volume at times, although, in general, when my scalps happy, I’m happy with my hair. Due to this dilemma, over the years I’ve trialled pretty much everything there is out there – and lo-and-behold I’ve managed to stumble over some miracle-workers. Take a look!

1. Label.m Honey and Oat Range

My hairdresser uses this on me every time I go to the salon, because my hair just soaks it up – it moisturises my scalp, combatting any dryness, and soothes split ends. This is my number one go to in the winter if my hair’s really suffering – but I use this only on occasion to prevent the ‘boredom’ issue and also because it’s around £4 per 100ml eek! I would highly recommend looking for products that contain honey and oats if you suffer from dry or over-styled hair.

2. Tigi Bedhead Queen For a Day Thickening Spray

For those days when you need a bit of volume – this is like back-comb in a bottle and I have to say, I rate it much more than Label.m’s version. Mousse and foam aren’t really my thing, so this spray is perfect for you if you don’t like getting your hands dirty. Also, it smells absolutely gorgeous!

3. TONI&GUY Prep Heat Protection Mist

I don’t often actually style my hair, as it’s pretty straight naturally, but it wasn’t until I used this that I realised how damaging blow-drying alone can be! By using this spray, I discovered that it was possible for me to achieve a glossy, non-frizzy blow-dry at home. A must-have for any hair type.

4. Bumble and Bumble

I discovered this gem of a brand when ELLE included a bottle of their surf spray in their monthly magazine. And although I only really used the surf spray when french-plaiting my hair and letting it dry naturally, it was a wonderful product for the summer. Giving a  care-free, volumous, boho-vibe to any hairstyle; it matches well with the soft romantic trends of SS16. Even better for those of you with natural waves, because it will really bring them out. WARNING: all of their lines smell so good that you will want to eat them.

5. Percy and Reed Wonder Balm

This product has probably won more awards in it’s lifetime than Adele. This is my go-to shine treatment when my hairs super dry because it involves absolutely no oiliness without compromising on shine. A leave-in balm that prepares hair for styling, is great for any hair type and doesn’t cause issues for a sensitive scalp – perfecto.

6. Lee Stafford Growth Treatment

To be completely honest with you I thought this product would be a complete waste of my time – nothing can make your hair grow overnight. But I was curious, so upon receiving this for my birthday this year, I gave it a 4 week trial, using it 3 times a week. And, oh my, was I amazed! My hair grew more in that month than it probably did over the entire summer and the best thing was – people NOTICED! Upon looking on the Boots site, it looks like this product actually works for a lot of people, so I’d highly recommend it if you’re trying to grow your hair.

7. TRESemmé Renewal Hair and Scalp Range

TRESemme has been the only ‘supermarket’ hair brand as of yet to leave me with a happy scalp, therefore, it’s my daily product. I adore the thickness of the conditioning products and this particular range, targetted at scalp issues, is my favourite. Silky Smooth and Moisture Rich are great alternatives. If splashing the cash on hair products is a no-no for you, but you still struggle with dryness or sensitivity, I’d recommend using TRESemme, even over things like Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo, which are aimed specifically at dandruff treatment.

8. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Range

This one was a total shocker as the rest of the Elvive range causes an almost immediate reaction from my skin, but I have to say, my hair has never felt so clean! I’m well aware of the benefits of clay to the complexion (hence my love for products like Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask), but not to the hair as well – it appears that clay is a serious multi-tasker! L’Oreal’s shampoo is made for oily roots and dry ends, ideal for myself, and it claims to leave scalp feeling fresh and roots lifted for up to 72 hours… Now, that’s a rather big statement to make, but so far, I have to say it’s doing pretty well!

9.  Macadamia Oil

Yet another product that was introduced to me by my hairdresser… The Macadamia range comes with a variety of products, ranging from pure oil to nourishing hair masks and is, once more, designed for dry or damaged hair. Despite coconut oil being a saviour for my skin, I have to say, macadamia oil wins in terms of haircare. Many people love Moroccanoil or argan oil, but for me this is the gold medal product, and it smells lush – bonus!

10. Aveeno Nourish and Moisturise 

Aveeno uses a wheat ingredient to act as the protein-based moisturiser and the blend of natural ingredients is seriously the best way forward for super-sensitive skin. As their skincare range is geared towards sensitivity, their haircare range really focusses on this too. The only issue is, the haircare stuff is pretty hard to find in the UK…


What are your go-tos for your ‘do? Do you have any recommendations of products for me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Emilia x

London Fashion Weekend


IT’S BEEN SO LONG! a) I’m so sorry for being away for this long and b) I’ve hated it as much as you have. Thank you lord (and by that I mean nice BT man) for installing my Wifi once again. Of course, blogging is the first thing on the to-do list… Recently my life has been hella busy; I’ve moved house, I’ve done an interview with Confetti and Curves and I’ve even been to London Fashion Weekend! Today, I’ll be talking a lot about the latter.

So, on Saturday, I was lucky enough to go to LFW at the Saatchi Gallery; for any of you that are familiar with the fashion ‘weekend’, basically, it’s a taste of the fashion ‘week’ for those of us who aren’t minted or a celebrity. You can book seats for trend and designer shows, you can shop clothes straight off of the past week’s catwalks, you can even meet some of the biggest names in the business! If you’re into that kind of thing, just like me, then it’s just about the best fashion experience you can get your hands on. Myself and my mum booked to see one trend and one designer catwalk, each lasting about 20-30 minutes – trends included the SS16 trends that are predicted to become huge and designer was a gorgeous display of Alice Temperley dresses. Camera-men buzzed around the place and the excitement was tangible as the models showcased each item of clothing.

In our spare time, Mum and I decided to take a look around the rest of The Duke Of York Square, where some of my favourite shops are; Liz Earle, Space NK, COS and an adorable little restaurant named Comptoir Libanais. I couldn’t resist picking up the raved-about Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish set from Liz Earle and a lady in Space NK introduced me to a wonderful foundation from By Terry, which I wore for the rest of the day. Who said fashion can’t include cosmetics and skincare, hey? LFW know this fact only too well; their shopping zone included a Maybelline pop-up store where you could get your makeup done for free and a Toni and Guy ‘hair-bar’. Also, one of the meet-and-greet talks I went to see was with TONI&GUY’s artistic director Philipp Haug who showed us how to achieve the latest hairstyles at home.

Anyway, here’s my round-up…



Maximalism: We’re talking in-your-face floral prints, all-over sequins and block colouring.

Bohemia: Perfect for summer and clearly a favourite of Alice Temperley’s, this was all over the catwalk – it looks great paired with ruffles too.

Ruffles: Similar to the popular tassel trend of AW15, but 10 times more glam; I can see big things coming for ruffles.

Graphic Stripes: In my opinion, one of the most wearable SS16 trends; thank you to Louche at Joy The Store for my own pair of gorgeous graphic stripe culottes!



Pom poms: Fun fashion is back in business; wear these any where from your ears to your hems to your toes. Try: Moyna Embroidered Jute Clutch with Pom Pom Trim

Snake skin: Can be a tricky one to pull off, but start with little accessories such as belts and you’ll soon be slithering away with this trend. Try: La Redoute Snake Effect Clutch Bag

Showstopper Earrings: Possibly my favourite accessories trend of SS16; shoulder-grazers are what should be dangling from your ears! Try: Pearlescent Gem Jacket Earrings

Ankle-tie shoes: This trend has been growing and growing since Autumn 2015, but now that spring is around the corner, we can actually wear them. Try: Lace-up Tassle Block Heel Sandals

Ribbons: The new ‘scarf’ – put them in your hair, around your wrist, on your bag.

Brooches: A nod to the popular 60s trend of AW15, these are fast coming back into high street stores. Try: Fabric Flower Brooches

Hair and Beauty

Blue Everything: I’ve definitely mentioned this one here on IC before; painting your nails? Doing your eyeshadow? Even lipstick? Go blue this season – you’ll be bang on trend. Try: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy

English Rose: Similar to ‘no-make-up makeup’ – but just add a little lip/cheek tint to an airbrush base and you’re sorted. Try: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher

Block Red Lip: Reworked versions of the classic red lip were seen all over SS16 catwalks – orange-red shades were particularly popular. Try: Ardency Inn  Long Play Supercharged Lip Colour in Ladder

Doll-lashes: For the fearless among you; prepare to go full-on anime like Louis Vuitton’s new campaign and create yourself some amazing graphic lashes. Try: Ardell Lashes 134 

Choppy bobs: Another non-mover from AW15 – all of the most fashion-focussed have braved a chop – will you? 

Big textured waves: Relaxed is key, natural and fluffy waves compliment the ’60s and Bohemian looks of SS16 perfectly. Try: Cloud Nine Waving Wand and Label M Texturising Volume Spray

Modern sleek pigtails: Don’t worry, they’re nothing like the terrifying primary school pigtails you’re used to – nooo, these are smooth and loose. Try: Orelia Metal Bar Hairband

If that sounded like your kind of event, why not get tickets to the AW16 show later on this year? Need something sooner? Why not try the Glamour Beauty Festival on March 12th and 13th or visit the V&A’s new underwear exhibition from the 16th of April onwards?

Emilia x

January It List

As many of you well-accustomed Irregular Collection followers will know, right at the beginning of each month, I publish a so-called ‘It List’ of things that I think are going to be big this month or am currently loving. Whether it’s inspired by magazine articles, blog posts, recommendation or my own experience, the It List is a collection of the month’s very best. Take a look below to see the things that made it onto list…


Each January, I forcefully take myself to shop the sales. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain, but battling your way through crowds and searching through the unkempt rails upon rails of clothes that are probably all neon or in size 20 just isn’t for me. Typically, I’d much rather be sat with my laptop on my lap, at home, doing it all online. But, after Christmas, online sales get a bit crazy too and lot’s of stock isn’t listed on line, so you kind of have to face the chaos of physical sales shopping. Topshop, Fatface, Jack Wills, H&M, French Connection… The list goes on, yet year upon year, I only ever seem to be able to find nice clothes with decent price-cuts in Zara! Their sale is organised, large, not mono-seasonal and a range of sizes are available. Here’s me wearing some of the item’s I picked up this year (in some amazingly dramatic photos by Evie Oliver)…

I kind of forgot how much of a good formula these polishes are until I received one in this month’s Glossybox. I normally only buy cheap nail polishes because I can’t wear them very much due to school, so getting a full-size high-end one to try was such a treat! It’s a pinky-nude tone called Uptown which is available in Gel Polish on their site, but the polish alone only comes as part of sets like the 2015 AW Limited Edition Set. Just the right tone for my fair skin and two coats that glide on like water is all you will need!

  • Keira Knightley

Probably the first woman-crush of my life; I swear Keira Knightley can rock any look. Her long boyish-figure and 90’s/00’s style (think Love Actually Keira) are so in at the moment. Dungarees, culottes, pinafore dresses… You name it, she can make it look amazing. Also, she will forever be my hairstyle/makeup idol.

  • Blue

In tune with the weather (and probably the colour of your fingers after being outside for 20 minutes), blue is the colour of pre-spring. Be it soft or bold in colour, for wear on the feet or face, say yes to blue. If you’re a little stuck for ideas as to how to channel this trend, take a look at my suggestions below:

Due to the fact that I have never watched a film with Leonardo Di Caprio in it that hasn’t been great, myself and my boyfriend decided to give The Great Gatsby a try… Although it’s a pretty long movie, I absolutely loved it! A story of the glamour in 1920’s New York and the mysterious man Mr Jay Gatsby who hosted gigantic parties every weekend whilst pursuing the love of his life. It’s right up there on my list of favourite movies along with The Grand Budapest Hotel and I Origins.

  • Soft brushed waves

Every magazine I flick through, every article I scroll through, this month, subtle, teased-out waves are all over it. All of the model’s for luxury designer brands are working it, all of the catwalk girls too – although it hasn’t been officially ‘announced’ as such, I predict that this will be big in the next few months, as a hair trend that coincides perfectly with the 90’s fashion movement. Frizz is no longer a bad thing; be proud of your lions mane! If this isn’t your natural hair-state, but you still want to trial the trend, I suggest you read this article!

I went into Boots with my abundance of Christmas gift cards intending to purchase a Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Laquer (£6.49), as I’ve heard such good stuff about them, but lo-and-behold, they were out of stock. So, impatient little me purchased this ‘Provocalips’ product instead! It’s simply described as “lip colour” by Rimmel, but I’d say it’s pretty much a moisturising, not-so-matte liquid lipstick – and, BOY, do I love it! A very brown-toned peachy nude, similar to MAC Lipstick in Yash (£15.50), yet half the price – score.IMG_3668

  • One Line A Day Project

I knew about this project a little while ago, due to seeing the One Line a Day book for sale in my local Waterstones. However, the idea seemed silly to begin in the middle of a year, so when Coco from Coco’s Tea Party (a well known fashion and lifestyle blogger) mentioned it in her New Year’s Resolution Suggestions post, I was reminded once more of the concept and began writing this year on the 1st of January. Like a diary for lazy people (i.e. me) which will no doubt be fun to read back on; you don’t even need the proper book, all you need is a notepad, a pen and 1 minute per day.


What are your favourite things this January?

Emilia x

My Beauty Wishlist

Alright, I probably do have way too much make-up already and for a girl who usually opts for very natural looks, it may seem a little stupid that I have such an obsession with make-up. The only issue is, like many others, I don’t have the bank balance to fund this. So, this results in me making notes all year of the luxury products that I just HAVE to try but just CAN’T bring myself to splash out on and along the way dropping hints to family and friends. The thing is, I’ve never once published one of these lists of mine on Irregular Collection and whilst having one of my ‘extremely thoughtful showers’ today (it seems that all my geniosity comes out when I’m standing stark naked in a luke-warm drizzle, how great) I thought why the hell not. You guys could help me, tell me what products I definitely should and shouldn’t be wishing for – maybe even suggest some new ones (sorry bank balance)! Here goes; why don’t you take a look? You never know, you may have to add one of my suggestions to your own wish list!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 20.14.10    1) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £6.48

I already use a wide range of Real Techniques brushes in my everyday routine – the Retractable Kabuki Brush and the Contour Brush to name a few, yet, after ‘lending’ my Buffing Brush to my mum, I have been left with nothing to ‘blur’ my make-up to achieve a smooth base. Hence, I’d love the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to do this job, as it’s supposedly ‘perfect for blending cream/liquid foundation’. And at such a good price on Amazon, I think this is a steal!

2) NYX Brow Gel $7

Okay, I know, it’s in dollars; that’s because NYX is a pain in the butt to get hold of in the UK. As I’ve said previously, Very stocks a lot of NYX and luckily this too, for just £7 – however, there is low stock and they’re selling very fast. Apparently the best alternative to Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade (which I would also LOVE to own) and for half of the price, I’m happy to try it.

3) Too Faced Shadow Insurance £14

Previously, I’ve been very skeptical about the point in primers, like this one, but after recently purchasing my first primer (see it in use here) –  hell they are worth it! My make-up actually STAYS on my face; it’s unheard of – right?! Anyway, this particular brand are a favourite for eye products (you should check out their amazing eye palettes), explaining why I’m so keen to try THIS shadow primer.

4) Blinc Shadow Fusion Neutral Palette £39

I hadn’t heard of this brand until a couple of nights ago when I was on a boredom-fueled Amazon browse, but WOW the tones in this just stun me, they’re too pretty. I feel that they’d suit my ghostly pale skin-tone well and I’m in dire need of a luxury brand eye shadow palette for special occasions. I would absolutely love to try this – has anyone got any views on this brand, as I know next to nothing about it?

5) MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation £25.50

Ohhh MAC, good ol’ MAC, the classic… MAC have recently brought out this new foundation and whilst I’m not usually a fan of their foundations due to their medium-full coverage, this is a new type of foundation specifically designed to feel ‘water weight’ on the skin. Also, there’s the bonus of SPF, which for pale people like me, is a life-saver in summer. Not an extortionate price for a quality foundation, but obviously I need to try it first – expensive foundations certainly aren’t something I’d impulse buy!

6) TIGI Bedhead Recovery Tween Shampoo and Conditioner Duo £20.95

Every time I go to the hairdresser (JARAH fyi), this is what they wash my hair with. We all wish for that ‘just out of the salon’ look every day of the week, so I need this product in my life! It’s a lot to spend on hair products in my opinion, but sometimes you need to treat yourself a little. Another brand I’d love to try on my ever-so-sensitive scalp and mane of hair is Dermalogica shampoos.

7) Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher in Angel £15.50

Blusher seems to be quite a challenge for my heavy-handed self and I much prefer moisturising liquids and creams than drying powders; therefore, I feel that liquid blush would be a rather good option for me. Daniel Sandler is a very well respected name in luxury beauty and there’s a myriad of blush tones to choose from.

8) Nails INC Gel Effect Nail Polish in Colville Mews £15

Confession time, I HATE splashing out on nail polish because, at the moment, I’m not allowed to wear it in the week – meaning that I also don’t bother at the weekends because I’m lazy. But, a classic nude colour suits everyone and if it’s a staple, it’s worth the spending. Personally, I’ve found Nails INC and Mavala to be much better than some of the more expensive nail products like Chanel or Dior for example –  give it a whirl.

9) Urban Decay All-nighter Make-up Setting Spray £21

Blah blah, alright, I know I don’t really need a product which has ‘all-nighter’ in the name seeing as it’s hard to be a party animal when there’s not parties to party at. However, even with my primer, my make-up’s staying power in extreme heat/extreme rain is pretty rubbish – which is understandable, but most definitely undesirable. So, after hearing that this is THE setting spray to buy, even though the price tag’s pretty hefty, I have the urge to get my hands on it. Other favourable and similar products are: NYX Makeup Setting Spray, Kiko Face Make-up Fixer £7.90.

What do you think of my wish list?

LFW Favourites

As many of you know, this past 7 days has been full of fashion, fashion and more fashion as London Fashion Week has commenced. It may be the SS16 shows, because fashion is always ridiculously ahead of things, but we can all take inspiration from it for our autumn/winter choices too. Think colours, cuts, shapes. I could honestly go on forever, as I am unhealthily obsessed with all things style and, to be honest, I probably have rambled on already. Still, I hope this gives you an insight into the trends this A/W and assists you with purchasing new items this year. Have fun fashionistas.

Alexander White

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 20.51.04

I have to admit, from being about 5, I have been completely obsessed with gorgeous shoes. I blame my mum for this bank-breaking trait. But just LOOK at these beauties! With a leg-elongating ankle strap and dainty yet dominating embroidery detail. Steal the show, in fact make your OWN show in these shoes.

Barbara Casasola

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 20.56.05

Gloriously minimalistic, with hints of this season’s up and coming trends, here we can see the cropped flare cut featured with an empowering two-piece suit. Supposedly ‘manly’-vibes eradicated with the low V-cut, you will simply radiate confidence in this outfit.

Cecilie BahnsenScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.03.35

In keeping with the favoured ’60s/’70s looks of AW15, I can’t take my eyes off of this creation. Pastel, vintage style, floral patterns partnered with an elegant chiffon shirt – another outfit centred around texture. But what real does it for me is the shocking pink of the eyeshadow and pixie crop, attention is immediately drawn here.

NegarinScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.23.07

Yellow is where it’s at right now, but not the easiest of colours for most of us to pull off. This vibrant tone of the trousers suits tanned or dark complexions extremely well, for those paler women, pastel yellow for summer and mustard yellow for winter is the way forward. Once again, make-up and hair is kept simple to allow the clothes to steal the show. This brand has styled some amazing looks – I strongly advise you take a closer look into Negarin.

Orla Kiely

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.23.42

I can’t cope with how adorable this outfit is; shirts under pinafore dresses is such a YES and T-bar shoes match wonderfully well. Orla Kiely is notoriously print-loving, although for those less-brave fashionistas, maybe choose a pattered dress OR shirt, not both. Urban Outfitters and ASOS have some great collections of pinafore dresses to get you through AW15.

Paul SmithScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.24.46

Paul Smith, a family favourite – these dungarees are like no other. A contemporary cut, yet so practical and boyish is always in style. Silky and smooth, this outfit just flows. Let’s not forget the statement earring and bushy brows –  this can liven up any outfit.

Regina PyoScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.26.42

There is so much I like about this outfit, I’m unsure where to begin! Um… The boots, the so dubbed ‘sock-boots’ that fit tightly around the ankle area look best with dresses and skirts. This dress itself is like a cool-camo/leaf print, which is perfectly suited to autumn. Finally the open back, I can’t resist them, backs are the most underrated area EVER.

Renli SuScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.27.45

As you’ll soon find out, coats are MY thing –  if I could only buy one clothing item this winter, it would certainly be a coat. Despite this, the thing that actually drew me to this look is the colour combinations present in this ‘wall-paper’ style pattern. Mustard, rust, brown and navy – love vintage? Choose Renli Su.

Self PortraitScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.29.37

Having previously heard BRILLIANT things about this feminine, edgy brand, I was super excited to see their newest collection. A well-known creator of masterpieces and lover of lace, Han Chong, you genius. Just like many other label’s this autumn, Self Portrait have opted for mostly midi-length cuts. It’s super-classy and cute – I predict big things.

South Lane

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.30.14

I’m not really a jewellery-changer on a day to day basis, personally, explaining why I hunt and hunt for the perfect staple pieces (oh, Tiffany key, I love you). This particular South Lane watch screams class, yet day-to-day wearability at me. You won’t forget this fashionable wrist wear brand.

Topshop UniqueScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.31.06

As overpriced as I believe Topshop can be at times, I can’t help but fall in love with their ability to style great looks. Spots? Yep… Stripes? Yep… Spots AND stripes? YES PLEASE!! Apart from this model being totally stunning in the looks department, I am also a great fan of the matching shoes and lipstick combo. Covered up, yet far from shapeless, this is a fun work look for all.

Molly GoddardScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.22.39

I’m in love with the length and bell-sleeves detail of this dress; it’s very similar to Topshop’s Bell-Sleeve dress. As well as that, some proper Swedish clogs have been on my wish list for FOREVER, however some as colourful as these seen at Molly Goddard are most definitely meant for the fashion-fearless.

Martine JalgaardScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.21.03

An unusually shaped version of a winter classic; the woollen dress. The shape alone gives this piece such a unique twist, there is simply no need for patter or colour. Extremely wearable for all, I expect some high-street dupes to be appearing very soon!

Lucilla GrayScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.20.24

Alternatively structured, this is a total stand-out party piece. Angular styles and geometry is an arising trend in the fashion world at the moment; for example, take a look at Accessorize’s new jewellery collection. This shape would suit boyish, slim figures best. But you sure don’t have to be a certain shape to take inspiration and style it your way!

Loxley EnglishScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.19.58

Somehow this, what seems to be a mishmash of an outfit, creates a enchanting reworked classic. Acid wash jeans, such a hard item to pull off, yet styled so well, the indigo contrasts the neutral tones and the ankle length crop is all in. Stylish trainers are wonderfully versatile, add them to your wish list immediately! Oh, along with that leather backpack.

Kitty JosephScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.18.26

Vinyl coats are just the thing to own this winter, they’re even waterproof! Waterproof AND stylish? This is a fashion first. These cool-toned colours make for a gorgeous winter palette, but the bright pink brings a necessary pop. I adore the fiery colour of this model’s hair, it compliments her porcelain skin incredibly well.

JosephScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.16.51

Those KILLER cheekbones, if only you could buy them too! Anyways, layering and ‘wrapping’ is always a yes for wintery seasons. Too cold? Just grab another layer! In addition, the lower legs seems to be the skin to show off this year – add a pair of trainers for the ultimate style; who said they were only for exercise? Check out Lacoste’s range or Superga trainers if you like these Joseph ones.

JH ZaneScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.15.34

This oh-so-cool combination of monochrome and colour-pop just has me in awe. A furry, teddy coat is the best thing ever in winter, believe me, I am the BIGGEST lover of fur coats (faux, of course).  A minimalist approach to hair and makeup really lets this outfit steal the attention and this is a very easy outfit to find a high-street dupe for.

IssaScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.13.51

Issa, one of K-Mid’s most favoured brands, and it’s not hard to see why. Who said white was only for summer -hey? Broderie, booties and bangles, this screams boho-chic. Yet, the high neck gives that summer-to-winter transition appeal –  an ideal work outfit.

FabitoriaScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.10.52

Bewilderingly modern, I have just discovered the sporty-chic brand that is Fabitoria (it even say ‘fab’ in it’s name, doesn’t that explain enough?). Most of all, I love the alternative cut of this top, Topshop have some very similar shapes this season if you’re looking for a high-street version. However, the notoriously sporty ‘slick’ of this model’s hairstyle is also coming BACK IN faster than you can say fashion.

ErdemScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.08.35

Ohhh, Erdem, you never fail to impress do you? The embroidery of this piece just bewilders me and monochrome can suit anyone. Concealing, but with tiny slits for ‘peeps’ of skin add it’s delicate yet seductive attitude. Also, playing with textures has resulted in these marvellously impractical, yet marvellously desirable feather, ankle-strap, pointed flats. Take note.

Christopher KaneScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 21.07.38

Texture is what it’s all about this season, hence I ADORE this material-focused combination. Perfectly sophisticated with the autumnal polo-neck, yet a flash of the lower leg shows off the beautiful trim of the lace and the all-in ankle-tie shoes. Who can go wrong with a mono-tone look? Christopher Kane sure knows how to redesign the classics!

Bora AksuScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 20.59.27

Again the in-fashion lace-up sandals are so very flattering; a great complement to the blushing nude tone of this outfit. Once more, texture plays a large part in this outfit, the chiffon, the inscribed floral pattern. Finally, the colour I love the most in this style is the stunning auburn of this Bora Aksu model’s hair. SO AUTUMNAL; I want it now.

Let me know your favourite looks from LFW or any opinions on my picks!

Emilia x