Norwich Cafes

This week marks a lot of important historical events in my country; Guy Fawkes ‘Bonfire’ Night to name one – but this week is also know as “Gingerbread Latte” week in my mind because the Starbucks Christmas drinks menu is officially available! Which is of course way more important that anything else. However, I have realised that there is a phenomenon which happens to many of us, which I like to call ‘Starbucks-itus’; we get bored. There’s only so many gingerbread lattes you can down, only so many turkey and stuffing paninis you can stomach (although, admittedly I could probably eat 5 in one sitting) before it starts to get a little tiring. So, today, I’ve designed a post specifically for my local readers of alternative, but equally fab coffee shops to visit in the city of Norwich. Feel free to take a look even if you aren’t local to the area; I’d love to know what cute coffee shops there are in your area!


Strangers are renowned for their picture-perfect setting and gorgeous coffees around Norwich. Many of my friends swear by it! Here is a little picture of what I had when I popped in for a coffee and cake with my good friend Alex a few weeks ago. As you can see, the design is very alternative, but also refreshing and very calming – in the centre of the ‘pretty streets’ of Norwich, as I like to call them. Offering all types of hot drinks and delicious hand-made cakes – why not give it a try?

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 16.01.45

Admittedly, I had not heard of this little place before I started to do some research for this blogpost! Artel – such a snappy and individual name and, by the looks of it, the place itself looks rather funky too! Offering an edgy take on classics and Instagram worthy surroundings, as well as adorable little gifts and trinkets for sale – I’m loving the sound of Artel! This is definitely somewhere I will be trying out in the wintery weeks to come!


Out of all of these wonderful little shops, The Waffle House is probably the one I’ve known for longest. Why? Because the waffle-focused menu and extraordinary flavour combinations can’t help but be the talk of the city! Who would of thought I’d like a garlic and rosemary waffle? Not me! Here there is something for everyone and it’s surprisingly affordable; hence why my friends and I regularly visit.


I have many friends who love this little cafe –  it prides itself in offering a wide range of gluten-free cakes with no compromise on flavour and texture. Ingredients are fresh and local and the atmosphere is ever so friendly – it’s a no brainer!


The Playhouse, famously home to Norwich’s slightly smaller theatre, but also a great place to kick back, relax and have a coffee. For the colder winter days, there is a cosy indoor area, which you can see above, which breathes eclectic vibes. Also, their website is beautiful (this is very important to bloggers!) and with free-wifi it’s the perfect place to do some work or do just about anything.

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Well, this little place is rather new to Norwich, as myself and a couple of friends spotted it a few months back when we spontaneously decided to go for lunch. Above, you can see my, unfortunately rather crap, picture of the roof lights and modern, but cosy feel to the place, as well as a picture taken by Alex of myself and Evie in the area. Furthermore, they offer about every type of tea and coffee possible; last time I ordered a jasmine tea and fell in love! It’s a must try for you cafe-lovers of Norwich, like myself, and this new-kid-on-the-block is proving to be just as great as some of the oldies!

What are the best coffee shops in your area? Have you had your first Gingerbread Latte of the winter yet?

Emilia x