Interior Inspiration

This isn’t something I particularly post about a lot; and that’s because the world for interior design isn’t quite as fast-paced as others, like the clothing market. But, with a new year just passing us and the dreary weather slowly starting to diminish, most of us feel the need for a bit of a spring makeover. That’s where I come in. In this post I’ll be taking you through the 3 biggest interior trends of this Spring and how you can incorporate them into your home! Here we go…

*All suggested items from John Lewis, Next, M&S, Urban Outfitters and Not On The High street*

Copper Accents

This particular trend of copper accessories has been creeping in since late 2015; we saw many high-street home stores, like Next and M&S add copper pieces to their collections. A trend perfect for the younger generation, in my opinion, this works extremely well with monochrome schemes, so it’s an especially easy trend to ‘liven up’ a rather plain room with. Fancy adding some copper to your room? How about these choices?

Grey Luxe

If you’ve seen Kylie Jenner’s new bedroom you’ll know what I’m on about; fur throws, extravagant mirrors and black accessories all perfectly matched with a lilac-toned grey colour scheme, it screams rich girl. However, you don’t exactly have to have Kardashian-level wealth to achieve this look. Of course, our favourite high-street design companies have cottoned on and developed some affordable alternatives! If you’re a fan of this glamorous look, why not try some of the pieces below?

The New Retro

The new retro is a kind of muted, toned-down classic retro. It’s a modernist take on the past. No need to start going totally ‘American-diner’; simply incorporate retro accessories into an extremely modern room for an effortlessly cool ‘old meets new’ vibe. Personally, I think this is more mature than the other trends – it would look fabulously eccentric in a family home. If you’re considering it – why not purchase one of the following pieces?


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