Glossybox Starter Box: The Review


Glossybox, as many of you may know, is one of the most popular beauty box subscriptions in the UK. I remember hearing about it a couple of years ago in ELLE when it first started out and literally begging my parents to buy it for me. Unfortunately, they knew that I was still in the “plaster-foundation-all-over-despite-the-fact-that-you-have-perfect-pre-pubecsent-skin” stage, although I didn’t quite understand that this was not the way to apply make-up. They assumed a monthly subscription of luxury makeup would be wasted on my 12-year-old self; and they were probably right. But, now, I guess I’ve proved that my passion for beauty wasn’t just a phase, finally, this Christmas, I recieved a 6 month subscription thanks to my lovely nan! New brands, new types of product; it’s all so exciting – so what better thing to do than do a review for you guys?

Starter Box

A very professional vibe to it; classically pink in colour and decent sized products!


What products did the box contain?

Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Crème (£14.50), FULL SIZE Nails Inc Nail Polish in Uptown (£11), FULL SIZE Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge (£6.50), FULL SIZE Bellàpierre Mineral Lipstick in Ruby (£20), Emité Diamond Heart Primer (£25.90).

What do Glossybox say?

Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Crème – a “delicately scented” body moisturiser containing “lactic acid to gently smooth skin” whilst keeping skin “hydrated despite the chilly winter months”.

Nails Inc Nail Polish – A perfect “go-to shade” of “on-trend pink” that will last ages due to it’s “long-lasting formula”.

Nicka K Blending Sponge – Glossybox claim that “this little sponge is all you need to blend your way to a flawlessly fresh face” to create a “streak-free finish”.

Bellàpierre Lipstick – “Including vitamins C and E”, “natural waxes”, “mineral pigments” and “antioxidants”, this “cult American favourite” will give you “long-lasting colour” whilst being completely lip-friendly.

Emité Diamond Heart Primer – A “lightweight formula” of “peachy fluid” for boosting radiance, balancing skin tone and creating a smooth finish.

What do I think?

Royal Apothic Moisturizing Body Crème – In my opinion, this smells of ammonia – sour; not particularly nice, so I didn’t have the best first impression. The packaging is gorgeous and matches the floral scents of the cream – it’s very vintage. As for the actual cream, I can’t say I loved it. It was rather thick and did no more for my skin than your regular Cetaphil moisturiser. Coconut oil did a far better job of rehydrating my skin compared to these two moisturisers anyway.

Nails Inc Nail Polish – I often avoid buying nail polish, simply because I don’t wear it very much due to school and having ridiculously teeny nails, so when I get one, it’s almost always around the £2/£3 mark. Understandably when I recieved one that was worth over £10 (shock horror, I know), it brought a little buzz of luxury. My go-to brand was previously Mavala, they do amazing polishes, but this Nails Inc polish rivals even Mavala! It literally glides on, you only need two coats and it lasts for DAYS. Plus the colour is perfect for winter to spring transitioning – not too dreary, not too bright.

Nicka K Blending Sponge – Receiving this was a bit of a pain in the arse because I’d just recieved two similar Real Techniques complexion sponges for Christmas, but, hey-ho, a beauty addict can never have too many products! So, I decided to give it a whirl and compare it to my other new sponges. Surprisingly, this sponge was no-where near as easy to blend with as the RT counterpart, it was too solid and rough, even when wet, meaning that it was difficult to get an even finish. Overall a bit of a disappointment; Real Techniques sponge works much better.

Bellàpierre Lipstick – One of my blogging goals for 2016 was to grow my lipstick collection, because I only owned around 8, which is unheard of in the beauty blogging world. Well thank you to Glossybox for giving me a kickstart with that one! Just like any other girl, I adore a good red lippy – I probably have around 5 now and I love them all. The colour of this is similar to that of my Ardency Inn lipstick in Lovecat, but it is a little more blue-toned. However, it’s the staying-power of this lipstick that really sets it apart from the rest; it didn’t budge even when I ate an entire curry! Yet, it’s still incredibly moisturising. I’d describe it as the more glossy and flattering sister of MAC Ruby Woo.

Emité Diamond Heart Primer – I only really discovered my love for primers last summer, but since then, I’ve tried out a handful of products and this has truly been the best. I’m not a fan (and neither is my skin) of the plastic-like texture of some primers, like Benefit Porefessional, for example, so the fact that this primer is made to an almost a ‘serum’ formula immediately meant it got the thumbs up. It doesn’t dry my skin out or cause break-outs, if anything it provides the protective prep that my skin needs before I start applying make-up. I’ve had a few comments now on how healthy and glowing my skin looks, so it must really be “illuminating” like Glossybox say! My only dislike is that it does little to control my shine.


6 thoughts on “Glossybox Starter Box: The Review

  1. asfoundbysasha January 20, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    Let us know how you get on with these, as I am currently contemplating subscribing to one of the boxes and glossybox was obviously one of them on my lost 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • emiliahurrell January 20, 2016 / 10:35 pm

      Will do! From my research it’s the best box for tailored-to-you luxury and large products xx

      Liked by 1 person

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