January It List

As many of you well-accustomed Irregular Collection followers will know, right at the beginning of each month, I publish a so-called ‘It List’ of things that I think are going to be big this month or am currently loving. Whether it’s inspired by magazine articles, blog posts, recommendation or my own experience, the It List is a collection of the month’s very best. Take a look below to see the things that made it onto list…


Each January, I forcefully take myself to shop the sales. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain, but battling your way through crowds and searching through the unkempt rails upon rails of clothes that are probably all neon or in size 20 just isn’t for me. Typically, I’d much rather be sat with my laptop on my lap, at home, doing it all online. But, after Christmas, online sales get a bit crazy too and lot’s of stock isn’t listed on line, so you kind of have to face the chaos of physical sales shopping. Topshop, Fatface, Jack Wills, H&M, French Connection… The list goes on, yet year upon year, I only ever seem to be able to find nice clothes with decent price-cuts in Zara! Their sale is organised, large, not mono-seasonal and a range of sizes are available. Here’s me wearing some of the item’s I picked up this year (in some amazingly dramatic photos by Evie Oliver)…

I kind of forgot how much of a good formula these polishes are until I received one in this month’s Glossybox. I normally only buy cheap nail polishes because I can’t wear them very much due to school, so getting a full-size high-end one to try was such a treat! It’s a pinky-nude tone called Uptown which is available in Gel Polish on their site, but the polish alone only comes as part of sets like the 2015 AW Limited Edition Set. Just the right tone for my fair skin and two coats that glide on like water is all you will need!

  • Keira Knightley

Probably the first woman-crush of my life; I swear Keira Knightley can rock any look. Her long boyish-figure and 90’s/00’s style (think Love Actually Keira) are so in at the moment. Dungarees, culottes, pinafore dresses… You name it, she can make it look amazing. Also, she will forever be my hairstyle/makeup idol.

  • Blue

In tune with the weather (and probably the colour of your fingers after being outside for 20 minutes), blue is the colour of pre-spring. Be it soft or bold in colour, for wear on the feet or face, say yes to blue. If you’re a little stuck for ideas as to how to channel this trend, take a look at my suggestions below:

Due to the fact that I have never watched a film with Leonardo Di Caprio in it that hasn’t been great, myself and my boyfriend decided to give The Great Gatsby a try… Although it’s a pretty long movie, I absolutely loved it! A story of the glamour in 1920’s New York and the mysterious man Mr Jay Gatsby who hosted gigantic parties every weekend whilst pursuing the love of his life. It’s right up there on my list of favourite movies along with The Grand Budapest Hotel and I Origins.

  • Soft brushed waves

Every magazine I flick through, every article I scroll through, this month, subtle, teased-out waves are all over it. All of the model’s for luxury designer brands are working it, all of the catwalk girls too – although it hasn’t been officially ‘announced’ as such, I predict that this will be big in the next few months, as a hair trend that coincides perfectly with the 90’s fashion movement. Frizz is no longer a bad thing; be proud of your lions mane! If this isn’t your natural hair-state, but you still want to trial the trend, I suggest you read this article!

I went into Boots with my abundance of Christmas gift cards intending to purchase a Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Laquer (£6.49), as I’ve heard such good stuff about them, but lo-and-behold, they were out of stock. So, impatient little me purchased this ‘Provocalips’ product instead! It’s simply described as “lip colour” by Rimmel, but I’d say it’s pretty much a moisturising, not-so-matte liquid lipstick – and, BOY, do I love it! A very brown-toned peachy nude, similar to MAC Lipstick in Yash (£15.50), yet half the price – score.IMG_3668

  • One Line A Day Project

I knew about this project a little while ago, due to seeing the One Line a Day book for sale in my local Waterstones. However, the idea seemed silly to begin in the middle of a year, so when Coco from Coco’s Tea Party (a well known fashion and lifestyle blogger) mentioned it in her New Year’s Resolution Suggestions post, I was reminded once more of the concept and began writing this year on the 1st of January. Like a diary for lazy people (i.e. me) which will no doubt be fun to read back on; you don’t even need the proper book, all you need is a notepad, a pen and 1 minute per day.


What are your favourite things this January?

Emilia x


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