Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad?

Over the past few months, I’ve heard endless compliments concerning coconut oil; it’s a skin-saver, hair-saver – you can even cook with it! So, I decided to order myself a free sample from Vita Coco themselves, the biggest high-street supplier of pure coconut oil (find them in Boots) to see if coconut oil really lives up to it’s reputation. P.S. if you love trying new beauty products, I highly recommend that you get yourself subscribed to Magic Freebies, so that you’re the first to know about exclusive health and beauty samples. Anyways, my two little sachets of extra virgin coconut oil arrived a few days later with vouchers (yay!) and ideas as to how to use it. Now, personally, I’m not much of chef; baking is more of my forte. For this reason, I’ve not yet had the chance to test out coconut oil’s power as a healthy-alternative frying agent. Instead, I’ve been focusing on it’s beauty benefits; hair, body, face. So, let’s get started with the reviews!


As Vita Coco suggests, just before bed I combed a grape-sized dollop of coconut oil through the ends of my dry hair. I then scooped my hair up into a bun and slipped on a hair turban to make sure all the goodness of the oil wasn’t simply transferred to my pillow. When I woke up in the morning, I hopped into the shower and washed out the excess oil with a quick shampoo – no conditioning necessary. Now, usually, without conditioner my hair is effectively a frizz-bomb, hence I was a little skeptical about the whole ‘no conditioner’ thing. However, upon spritzing some Toni and Guy Heat Protecting Spray and drying my hair –  my hair was the glossiest I’ve ever seen it! Not to mention incredibly soft. Admittedly, it stinks of coconut, but for most people that’s no bad thing! Coconut oil worked better for my hair than any expensive, ‘luxury’ oil like Macadamia Oil or Moroccanoil – so my first impression was pretty damn good. Also, it’s supposed to aid hair growth – and what girl doesn’t want that? Let’s see how it compares to my unrivalled Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment!


Considering I’ve used oil-free moisturisers for the majority of my teenage years due to oil’s contribution to my spots, I didn’t have particularly high hopes for using pure coconut oil on my face. I simply applied a teeny pea-sized amount of Vita Coco to my palms and smoothed it across my cleansed complexion instead of using a moisturiser before bed. In the morning, my skin did appear a little more shiny that usual, no surprise, but it was dramatically brightened and softer than ever before. It feels like babies’ skin! For people with dry skin problems, I would strongly suggest adding coconut oil to your nightly skincare routine – but for us oily ones out there, it’s maybe a couple-of-times-a-month thing. Again, the outcome was WAY better than expected!


I’ve sworn by Sanex and Cetaphil body washes and moisturisers for the past few years because my skin is soooo crazily sensitive, but recently I’ve tried a couple of new products. In winter my skin really suffers, it becomes  dry and itchy, so as part of my weekly moisture routine, I’ve been using coconut oil after a bath in Bomb Cosmetics Bath Brûlée (they contain shea butter, a moisturising ingredient that soaks into the skin whilst bathing). Honestly, I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin this year – it’s so much more comfortable, it looks and feels like healthy skin should! I know many girls that suffer from dry legs; and this would be the perfect fix for them. I urge you to try it ladies!

Overall, the things I loved the most about the use of coconut oil was it’s incredible softening properties, as well as it’s natural purity – making it ideal for sensitive skin. Other ways to use coconut oil include make-up remover, shaving cream, blending into smoothies for it’s weight-loss assisting properties, natural lip balm, stretch-mark/scar removal, tooth whitener, hair masks, tanning oil, dry feet treatment… The list goes on! I’ll definitely be trying it for some of these uses because the results so far are fab. Well done Vita Coco, you know what, I may just have to #SwearByIt !


Have you tried coconut oil? If so what’s your favourite use for it?Let me know in the comments below!

Emilia x


4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil: Fab or Fad?

  1. ruthgabrielle25 December 23, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    I use it as a hair mask 🙂 going to try that freebies website too! Thanks for the tip x

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  2. asfoundbysasha December 24, 2015 / 9:32 am

    I definitely swear by coconut oil ever since 2012 when my hair was falling out! It rescued me! Also I used it to grow out my eyebrows from super thin to super thick, it worked its magic in a matter of six months! And I also cook with it 🙂 lovely post xx


  3. Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and a dash of Candor December 26, 2015 / 6:35 pm

    I love using this to remove eye makeup! It melts off the most resistant of eyeliners and mascara. Great post!

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