The Best Of The Winter Knits

You see, I’ve been putting this post off until the weather really started to turn chilly; because what’s the point in lusting after adorable little cable-knits and lounge-around sweats when you can’t even wear them? But, now, as we head into the third week of November, winter has finally arrived and the single-figure temperatures have greeted us once more. That means that, it’s official ladies, you officially have a reason to go and stock up on a new winter wardrobe of wool! Seeing as I’ve been searching the web for a good few weeks now (I don’t know how, but I always end up with a lack of jumpers when it comes to winter time.), I am fully prepared to give you the low-down of the cutest and cosiest winter knits of 2015… Enjoy!

The High-Necks

Over the course of 2015, this has slowly become my favourite and most frequent style go-to for chilly days. Got you’re turtle neck on? There’s no need to unfashionable tie your scarf PROPERLY (shock horror), just sling it on like those off-duty models do. It’s a no brainer! Personally I prefer tighter high-necks as they don’t turn my figure into that of a marshmallow, but if you’re really not a fan of your stomach area, then I’d suggest going for the 1st and 3rd options below. Also, in my opinion, high-neck sweaters are about the most attractive thing a male can wear; so while you’re at it, sneak one in the basket for the man in your life too!

Left to right: ASOS Chunky Jumper in High Neck with Boucle in Salt and Pepper (£24.00), Topshop Modern Stripe Top (£42.00), New Look Cable Jumper (£34.99).

The Everyday Jumpers

Simple and easy to wear, my ultimate aim in life is to probably own a full rainbow of these sorts of jumpers. Mix it up by going for different necklines; you can see below crew neck and slash neck, for example.

Left to right: H&M Cable Knit Wool-Blend Jumper (£29.00), Topshop Lofty Knit Seam Jumper (£55.00), Mango Ribbed Wool Blend Sweater (£24.99).

The Just Plain Stylish

Spot on for this season, that’s what these three are. Stripes are where it’s at; simple but they add that necessary bit of variety to any outfit – I must own about 5 stripey tops, horizontal, vertical, blouses, tshirts, but there’s always that urge to buy ONE MORE! Onto ombré; we’ve seen this everywhere over the past couple of years – hair, fur, you name it, so why not try a jumper for the colder months? And lastly, tassels/fringing, whatever you want to call it – flatteringly positioned on a cute little pullover? Yes please! If this isn’t quite your thing, why not try a tasselled bag instead –  Topshop do some gorgeous ones!

Left to right: H&M Fine Knit Jumper (£14.99), Mango Ombre Cotton Sweater (£34.99) H&M Knitted Jumper (£12.99).

The Ultimate Christmas Knit

Okay, if you’re a bah-humbug kinda character, now is definitely the time to look away, but for those Christmas fanatics like myself – THIS IS YOUR TIME! What could be better than the annual Christmas knit? No more ‘knitted-by-your-grandma’, Christmas jumpers can be fashionable! My biggest tip would be, go for subtle. (Unfortunately 2014 me who purchased a light up, tacky, Christmas jumper from Primark last year didn’t listen to her own tips.)

Left to right: ASOS Christmas Jumper With Metallic Noel (£32.00), Jack Wills Rodley Fairisle Crew Neck Jumper (£69.50), Mango Bead Shoulder Sweater (£49.99).

Surprise! I’m not yet done – alright, this section isn’t strictly in tune with this post’s title, but I just couldn’t resist showing you guys this little selection of things that I absolutely adore…

I’m also loving:

Left to right: Topshop MOTO Cord Zip Front Dress in Black (£42.00), ASOS RUBY Ankle Boots (£38.00), Zara Lace Dress in Wine (£25.99).

My overall verdict is GO H&M!! You’ve really excelled yourselves this season! So, if you’re in a hurry to pick up a little jumper, that should be your first port of call. Have you found any other must-have knits for winter 2015? Let me know in the comments!

Emilia x

P.S. It’s less than a week until the winner of my giveaway is announced! Check out this post for details on how to enter before it’s too late!


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