Photography with Ev and Al

 Photography by: Evie Oliver and Alex Lawlor

Clothing: Emilia: Dark grey top – River Island, Necklace – Tiffany, Earrings – Vivienne Westwood, Coat – Fatface. Light grey lace-up top – Topshop, Black jeans – River Island. Evie: Camel Jumper – Topshop.

12166358_846794495434664_99789289_n 12166640_846790488768398_1898508513_n 12170240_846788835435230_637526225_n 12165886_846785885435525_35133115_n 12166143_846785878768859_446911997_n 12170426_846785882102192_297257166_n 12167261_846785862102194_961854028_n 12166477_846785865435527_1679219501_n 12166894_506111249569652_34045468_n 12166853_506111236236320_583934179_n 12166846_846805165433597_201689243_n 12167428_846794548767992_779056431_n 12168170_846794538767993_991619055_n


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