Room Inspiration

As many of you know, I will be moving into my new house around December/January time, as it currently hasn’t yet got a roof, so it’s just a tad uninhabitable… Now, apart from the fact that I will be getting my dog back, the thing that excites me the most is that a new house means A COMPLETELY BLANK CANVAS of a bedroom to design exactly how I want. The prospect of this is wondrous for an interior-design adoring girl like myself! So, in this post I have decided to group together all of my ideas and notes, almost like a virtual mood board for you lot to see and hopefully take inspiration from too. Let me know if you know any other great stores for homeware and decorative home accessories!

Emilia’s Must-haves:

-tray tables

The type of word that makes you think of cheap furniture for dribbly OAPs, but hellllll naaaaa – tray tables are redesigned and oh so back in fashion. Simply acting as a bedside chest of drawers, little wire or wooden baskets are supported by a frame. Okay, all your stuff might be on show, but as long as you keep that trendy too – there’s really no issue! I especially love the ‘colour pop’ versions of this, such as the Urban Outfitters one below, but they are also extremely easy to make with a little DIY! Why not check out    video if you’re interested?

Left to right: Urban Outfitters Mint Basket Shelf £100, Urban Outfitters Wooden Tray Shelf £100.

-egg chairs

I have thought these were utterly awesome for ages – who wouldn’t want their own little nest? It just seems like the perfect chair to sit in on a Sunday morning drinking weak coffee whilst reading “Elizabeth Is Missing” or another similarly great novel. I would absolutely love to own one of these in the new house!

Left to right: Urban Outfitters Basket Swing Chair in Blue £200, Egg Chair by Broste Copenhagen £249.00.


A good smelling room is a good room in my opinion, I’ve always been a lover of candles. My favourite scents are Yankee Candle Beach Flowers and Yankee Candle Pink Sands, also, I just can’t resist buying a Glade Christmas Candle during the festive season.

 Left to right: Tommy Bahamas Jasmine Sunset £31.84, Paddywax Tobacco and Vanilla £30.

-window seats

As you can see I’m a great lover of cosiness, this is another one of those comfort-focused ideas. I would have loved to have one of these in my new bedroom, however, I had to opt for a Juliet balcony instead, as the construction was much less complicated. But, hey who’s complaining?

-fairy lights

I’ve had fairy lights ever since I was a little girl; they’re just that pretty, comforting glow of light that’s perfect for the colder seasons. However, nowadays I’ve moved on from the pink fluffy hearts of 5-year-old Emilia’s room. Take a look at these fun, but sophisticated examples…

Left to right: Urban Outfitters Wildflower String Lights £12, Blaze On Natural Leaf Fairy Lights in Cream (10 bulbs) £19.95.

-walk in wardrobe illusion

By this I’m referring to the ‘clothes rail in one corner of the room’ style, I personally hate having all my clothes hidden away in my wardrobe because, honestly, I forget what options I have when getting dressed and often have too little time to search through it all. However, this would stop this completely. At a glance I could immediately see all the outfit variations and hopefully end up with a more varied day-to-day wardrobe.

-tapestries/wall rugs

In the past year or so wall art has developed from cringey quotation wall-stickers to tasteful ‘wall-rugs’ as such. The perfect addition to a bland toned room to spice up the occasional wall, Urban Outfitters and The People Tree have some of the best collections of these items. I will definitely be including one of these in my new room as it’s all about colour/pattern splash among predominantly monochrome tones.

Left to right: Euphrates 5×7 Rug in Blue from Urban Outfitters £75, Menagerie Medallion Tapestry from Urban Outfitters £50.

-personalised aspects 

Since the beginning of teenagerism I’ve kept photos or memoirs of almost everything I do, from gig tickets to hilarious drunk snaps – everything, it goes on my wall. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to have a memory wall since the summer of 2014, due to being in non-permanent properties, but I will eventually be able to recreate my memory wall when I move  in  to my new room this winter. However, because the house will be BRAND NEW, there is no way in hell I’ll be allowed to just blue-tack photos to the wall as I’ve done in previous houses. So I’ve searched for some handy mechanisms that will make displaying my things possible without being murdered by my mother… Also, if you’re a great lover of photos like myself, I greatly recommend that you download the Free Prints app.

Left to right: Urban Outfitters Photo Mobile in Copper £9, Map of The World Cork Board by Luckies at Not On The Highstreet £24.95.

-steal-the-show lighting

After having traipsed around fabulously uninteresting lighting store with my Mum on multiple days in the recent summer holidays, I’ve decided that the only lighting for me is DIFFERENT lighting, lighting that STANDS OUT! In my new room I’d specifically like to have some rose-gold lighting or add pops of colour with the lamps. Take a look at these options:

Left to right: Next Studio Black and Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp £140, Copper Desk Lamp by Daisy West from Not On The Highstreet £69.95, Sunnylife Storm Lantern Oil Lamp in Turquoise from Urban Outfitters £20.

General ‘look’ inspiration: 


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