A Mini-Update On My Amazingly Average Life

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been posting so much lately, which is poo (most of you are probably cheering) for two reasons:

a) I’ve been extremely busy.

b) I’ve been extremely tired.

Because THAT is what high school does to you, kids. Day after day of “only blah blah days until your mocks which is only blah blah hours and blah blah minutes and blah blah seconds”, at this point they expect alarm bells to start ringing in everyone’s heads, failing to notice that we are too tired and accustomed to their hacking to notice. Then they come out with the line “but, by the way, don’t worry about it”… School is a joke at times.

Anyway, apart from school, I haven’t been up to too much, mainly due to sleeping (welcome to teenager-ism). Although I did see my lil baby mini-schnauzer Ruby last weekend; I hate her not living with us at the moment because, let’s face it, animals are everything. I’ll probably end up owning about 8 dogs when I’m older. Also, the roof is starting to go on my ‘currently-being-built’ house which is EXCITING! More rooms to design and decorate (Urban Outfitters new collection is my fave) – perfect!


As well as this, I’ve been having a little dilemma as to whether to dye my hair lighter or darker for winter (this is a major issue pretty much every winter) – you see my hair has a natural strawberry blonde/auburn tinge so one option is to go darker and redder, but on the other hand, I have super pale skin and blue eyes so I feel like a super light blonde could really suit me. Obviously blonde is more high maintenance, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do.


I have probably spent the majority of the last two weeks swooning over earrings on the likes of Not On The High Street and Lisa Angel; this whole earring thing is new to me and I’m currently in a stage where I just keep buying/wanting earrings (knowing me I will probably never come out of this ‘stage’). I LOVE the new geometrical styles or the ‘swing’ styles on ASOS. More piercings to come me thinks. However, more recently, I’ve chosen to gawp in awe over London Fashion Week and The Scorch Trials. Although pretty astoundingly different things, these are both AWESOME! I’m soon to write a post on my favourite looks from LFW, and as for The Scorch Trials, well you just have to go and see it.


In all honesty, I have spent these past weeks doing either homework or revision (download the Memrise app you fellow revisers, it’s GREAT) , drinking jasmine tea and cuddling Con whenever I get the chance. This is what Year 11 life seems to be. It’s not all that bad, I successful bossed a group of hormone-filled year 10 boys around today. As for the future, it looks like tests, tests and more tests, with a few gigs, interviews and beach-trips thrown in there – hey ho, only 8 months to go.

Emilia x


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