What To Wear For An Interview

Seeing as myself and many others around me are just reaching the age where it is possible to apply to jobs, I decided that it would be a good idea to write a piece on what to wear to an interview (as clothing choice is right up there on the list of important things to think about, duh). So, go ahead, have a browse… (Warning, I may babble on for a bit first.)

This article is an advice-giving, but also advice-seeking article; you see, lucky little me has just managed to land myself an interview for a Christmas-work role in Norwich. Now, I’ve worked in a shop previously, but have never had to go through an interview process… I’ve done surveys, situation quizzes, online assessments, video interviewing and LOTS of form-filling; along the way discovering that applying for jobs is pretty exhausting, let alone having a job itself! But, I am sure it will all be worth it – you only get out what you put in. Anyway, typically of me, before thinking about question answering preparation, I am thinking A LOT about what to wear. Who doesn’t love an excuse for a new outfit?

Having done my research into the type of outfits actual sales assistants wear, I’ve noticed that dresses are the popular choice; particularly shift dresses and shoulders are almost always covered. Obviously it would be preferable to wear something that the store itself stocks, but I hope no-one will be ‘checking my label and chucking me out’ as such, so this isn’t vital. So, basically, I’d like to fit in with the dress-code, but jazz it up a little to stand out.

I have already scoured the internet and after failing to find a shift dress that actually went over my hips in Next (HOW RIDICULOUS), collected a myriad of possibilities that fit with both the store’s and myself’s style. Adding your own twist to outfits is a MUST, especially if you’re looking for work in a retail environment! Take a look at some of my picks –  what do you think?


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