My Top 10 Depop Sellers

Right, let’s start with introducing Depop to those of you who aren’t aware of this fabulous invention. In short, Depop is the simpler and easier-to-use version of eBay. It’s a completely free and extremely popular app used by over 2 million people, which includes a handful of the most uniquely creating and emerging talents in fashion, art, sport and interior design. Negotiation is common and simple on this app, allowing you access to quality products for quality prices. Easily gain followers and sell your items at the touch of a button. I massively recommend anyone having a clear-out or with a small business to try out this app! Go forth and download. For now, I’m about to give you my top ten sellers who I HIGHLY ADVISE you follow, whether you’re new to Depop or not.



For anything from jewellery to home accessories to crazy coloured hair dye, Rum and Coke Vintage is the place to go for quirky products. So innovative and at the cutting edge of fashion, you will adore this little business. Check it out.



Not a business this time, but a very fashion-forward individual, who is in fact a designer for Topshop! Selling incredibly on trend clothing and high quality makeup for stunningly low prices, what’s not to love about this account?



Although this account only ships within the UK, this girl sells all sorts of brands from Burberry, Topshop and Nike with quality advertising pictures and top-notch buyer reviews.




An incredibly popular account for those who love make-up; selling mostly brand new 100% genuine makeup at incredible prices. Also, this account is brilliant for selling unused limited edition makeup ranges that have sold out in the actual store (i.e. MAC’s Cinderella collection).



A girl with an INCREDIBLE amount of followers, which is understandable when you see her clean-cut account selling luxury make-up and gorgeous basics. With over 100 5 star reviews and a super interesting Youtube account showing you new makeup looks and fashion ideas, this girl is truly an amazing seller.



Another wonderful fashion blogger selling her on-trend wares for crazy good prices. This girl sells a lot of designer items and loves patterns, especially leopard print, as well as lesser known brands. Furthermore, this seller advertises with crystal clear pictures from all angles, which is always best when buying online.



I have to admit, this is probably my favourite clothing account on Depop. A Fred Perry Polo for £15.50?! Who wouldn’t want that?! Selling brands from YSL to Ralph Lauren to Nars, this UK account is literally my kind of heaven and clearly many people agree with me on that (she has 64k followers!).



Bright coloured, classic vintage items, I am a total sucker for their vintage designer bomber jackets. Also, get a discount when you buy multiple items! Brilliant for those classic thrift shop shoppers.



Yet another beautiful fashion blogger with amazing taste, she deserves a much larger following! Classy pieces for any occasion from vintage to high street to luxury apparel, this is a hidden gem.



Uploading new items almost every day, this is the joint account of two vintage-loving sisters. Pictures of tumblr-like quality and adorable, gorgeous items at truly jaw-dropping prices. These girls really know what their audience love to buy, so they source clothes exactly for those people.

p.s. check out my Depop at @emiliamayx


4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Depop Sellers

  1. Qialino September 23, 2015 / 1:12 pm

    Do you think Depop is a better marketplace for selling used products rather than brand new ones?


    • emiliahurrell September 23, 2015 / 3:23 pm

      Yes, definitely, the type of people on there are mainly looking to buy gently used, branded products.


  2. osaro jewel July 20, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    Check out celebrity lace front wig affordable very friendly team

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  3. Nadine November 17, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    Great article! Check out my Depop @DUKEVINTAGE


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