September It List

Well we are about to hit September and we all know what that means – BACK TO SCHOOL (cue booing). For me, this is my final year of high school, which sounds a little ridiculous seeing as I still feel like I’ve only just started. So, yep, I’ve got the joys of GCSEs to come – which makes me question why I decided to start blogging again NOW because I’m probably about to wade through a mass pile of stress, but oh well – I’ll do my best to keep you lot entertained. However, todays post is all about the things that both you and I are going to LOVE this September, I promise you. This is a collection of the best of everything. Worth a read, don’t you think?

1. Pre-Back-To-School-Stationery-Shopping

Who DOESN’T love shopping for the cutest new stationery? The answer is no-one. Classically and childishly excited me had already bought 90% of my new stationery before the first week of the holidays was over. I have to say, if you’re obsessed with cute folders like myself, check out Sainsbury’s ‘fashion’ collection; they’re adorable! Also, I now have about 11 notebooks (all of which I NEED of course) and a whole new set of pencils and pens, each of which I’m guaranteed to lose by the end of the first week back. Oh well, it’s still pretty.

2. Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

I recently picked up a free extract of this in the city because I know that Jenny Valentine is an amazing author and I’m always excited when she releaes something new. What a mistake that was –  I now want the book, but I am ever so slightly BROKE for the next month as I’ve spent September’s pocket money before September has even started – whoops. I need a job! Anyway, this little treasure of a novel is the story of a girl named Iris who’s father, Ernest, has died. However, Iris’ father has never really ‘been there’ so she isn’t too emotional about the whole event and the only thing her family cares about is the claiming of Ernest’s art collection. Ernest seems to have other ideas, as Iris soon discovers; her father has some truths he wants her to know after he’s gone. A story filled with love, culture and mystery –  what more could you want?


3. Wire Artwork

I was first exposed to this form of art whilst looking around galleries in Cambridge with my mum and WOW I fell in love with it. Simple yet delicate and so much more interesting to showcase than a boring 2D painting, I will definitely be looking to add some of this to my room in the new house (talking of this, I will be doing a post on interior design inspiration soon). Take a look at these gorgeous examples of wire artwork!1082106286


4. Vintage Denim

In my eyes, vintage denim is the BEST denim, it just looks more natural and worn in, like denim should do. I have to say I adored my vintage Levi cut-offs for the best part of 2 years, before they grew too teeny (dammit hips) and the denim shirt which I purchased from the fabulous London vintage store Rokit recently is the perfect summer ‘throw-over’ or make-shift belt. However, I would advise against buying denim online when it’s vintage; you really need to be physically in a shop to see how it truly looks and feel the thickness/elasticity. If you’re liking the sound of this, find out about your local vintage stores (we have Goldfinches or vintage market stalls in Norwich) or check out the Urban Renewal collection from UO, We Are Cow and Rokit.

5. Two-tone lips 

Think ombré for the lips. Can ou think of a more exciting trend? Nope didn’t think so. Personally, I don’t consider myself to be great with makeup, BUT I’m learning and the Topshop Ombré Lip Palettes make trying this fad super-uper easy. Just grab yourself on of the palettes for £9, a good lip liner and get blending for a flattering illusion. Also, I’m a big fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, but a) they are pretty hard to get hold of in the UK and b) they are pretty damn expensive… So I thought I’d wait to see the up and coming Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick collection first. How exciting!20L03HPLE_large

6. Flats

Admittedly, I do love a good heel, however, this Autumn is all about flats. Which is great for you lucky skinny-legged people, but for those of us like myself who have thunder thighs and the legs to match – it’s not so easy to find flattering flats (try saying that one out loud). But, DO NOT FEAR, I am coming to your rescue. After 15 years of dressing for larger legs, I have the secrets you need to know. Firstly, ‘big and clunky’ flats are what to look for; they make your feet look bigger, hence making your legs look smaller. Excellent. Also, straps are your friend as they lengthen your legs. If you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of flats, try a mini block-heel with an ankle strap.

Olivia Burton Watches

Although I adore my current DKNY rose-gold watch, it is getting a litte old and worn. One of these little beauties would be a perfect replacement! The rose-gold tones suit my pale skin a treat. Simplistic yet sophisticated, Olivia Burton’s watch collection is something you won’t be able to resist. Take a look at it in Topshop; starting from just £65 these are a steal.63I07FMNK_large

8. Nars – Ingrid

I may or may not have fallen in love with this gorgeous deep burgundy shade from the new Nars Audacious AW collection… A perfect shade for September or Autumn in general, the rather lrge price tag is definitely worth it in my opinion. This is certainly on my wish list for a little winter investment this year!0607845094920


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