Welcome to the most interesting blog you’ll ever read

Jokes. Well it appears that Irregular Collection has been on some sort of 6 month vacation… Whoopsy. In that time I’ve figured that I probably shouldn’t push my friends to blog if it’s not really for them. So, here you are, you’re stuck with just one of us now and unfortunately that’s not the interesting one who’s since travelled to Borneo and become a model. It’s just me.

Well, I guess I’d better give you an update as a heck of a lot can happen in 6 months. In a nutshell, I’ve knocked down my house, become hardcore (got my ears pierced) and fallen on to the dangerous track of make-up addiction . Okay, maybe I need to give you a bit more info to prove that I am still sane…

Let’s start with the end of school (I can’t actually remember anything before that). A few of us were chosen to meet a Professor of History from Oxbridge, I don’t even take or vaguely like History so god knows why I was there. Still, it was an inspiring experience, even though I was sat right next to the professor-man and felt a little unworthy of being in his ‘bubble’. Basically they told us if we want to go to Oxbridge we need to get pretty much all A*s in our GCSEs and A-levels. No pressure darlings. Also, we had an enterprise day, which in my opinion was about the shittest thing our school have ever made us do. I don’t want to spend 6 hours of my life building a buggy or pretending bits of paper are stepping stones. I won an award for French achievement in our year’s Celebration assembly-thingy, which was nice-ish except from the fact that I had to shake a random woman’s hand in front of the whole year. And the teacher who I strongly dislike to say the least is NOT GOING TO BE MY TEACHER NEXT YEAR!!!!! Hell to the yeah.

Enough about school, we’re in the holiday’s right now and school is a long-forgotten concept. I should probably tell you I’ve done something interesting or useful in my holidays, but in reality I’ve just taught myself further maths GCSE (I’m odd, I know), made lists and eaten my body-weight in cereal. The most exciting things I’ve done are probably going on a walking holiday in the Peak District, going to my boyfriend’s Dad’s wedding and prom and I’m going to see Mcbusted at Newmarket Nights this weekend. Oh and we knocked our house down and are building a new one that has a kitchen the size of the rental bungalow I’m currently living in. I can’t bloody wait. A whole house to help design (and the possibility of a little schnauzer puppy)!

What’s to come? A house that looks like a house, finding a show-stopping prom dress, visiting and choosing sixth forms and mocks? Not stressful at all. At least I’m going to see the Wombats in September.

Love and apologies for doing a Zayn on you guys,

Emilia x


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the most interesting blog you’ll ever read

    • emiliahurrell August 24, 2015 / 6:38 pm

      i am back and hell i’m determined to get my lazy ass blogging again


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